First time growing I need help

Hey it’s been over a week I haven’t seen any progress. Is there anybody that can tell me what I’m doing wrong? Here’s a picture of my set up with the carbon filter outside the tent.

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What’s your temp and humidity like?

Some closer pics in natural light would help greatly.


I just noticed they haven’t sprouted. How did you germinate your seeds?

I usually soak mine in room temperature water for 24 hours then I stick them in paper towel until the tap root appears, then straight in to the growing medium. They usually break ground by day 3.

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Around 80F*, 18 hrs light, and humidity I’ll have to check again and will send more photos in the morning.

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Only like two didn’t, two taproot but stop growing. Yeah mine germination is pretty similar, 24 hrs in water cup. Only pick up the ones that drop, they were bag seeds from (4)Ice Cream Cake and (2)Purple punch strains. Then I would put a paper towel over it wet inside a container. Majority sprouted good, expect two seeds.

Soil in pots

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? Yes

Light system, size? 300w LED lights

AC Fan from Amazon

Co2; Yes but for now it’s outside running with clamps on.

I suspect the soil may be too wet, but cant really tell under those lights so will have to wait until we get some close up pictures.

The soil only needs to be slightly damp or you can starve the seedling of oxygen.

How often are you watering and how much?

As soon as they pop out of the soil, you can stop watering the soil as much and dome them to keep the humidity locked in. Then you just lightly spray the inside of the dome and they’ll use that for their water intake.

As for the Co2, I don’t think your lighting is anywhere near powerful enough for your plants to take advantage of this. I’m not sure on that though, never used it. Maybe someone with more experience can help you there.