First time growing clones and am i doing this right lol? My oldest clone is wilting i just took off the plastic wrap

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I have best results using a perlite/25% coarse vermiculite in plastic bathroom cups soaking in weak hydroponic solution with H202 to supplement dissolved oxygen and immediately placed back under strong light upon cloning. 7 to 10 days then placed in a watering tray until they spring roots. They never
wilt, and I’m having 100% success rate. They can be transplanted to soil or hydro, the roots are healthy and white.

My 2 cents.


That sounds like a solid process and I’m gonna steal it haha! In fact I’m gonna point @Not2SureYet to this so he might use on his next cloning adventure.

I would suggest a bit of Superthrive (B-complex) added to the solution; we see increased root growth with it.


I used to use Hormex, but with the peroxide it takes off anyway, and it prohibits rot.


I appreciate everyones help but lol any advice with what im working with right now or am i like just screwed? At the moment i dont have those materials so​:sob::joy:

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If the medium is too dry or to wet, then you may be fastened (screwed).
You may want to acclimate them slowly by poking holes in the wrap instead of exposing them suddenly.

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Sorry; stoners. What can you say haha?

I use a Solo cup and a clear one on top for a dome. Cut away about 2/3 of the leaves as well. I go into straight Promix HP and a very mild nute dose. Keep domed under 24/0 light and they should recover.

Caveat: the first time @Not2SureYet worked with a clone he thought it had died. I came by and looked at it and it was doing fine. They just look really ‘scruffy’ right after they are rooted. You will lose all of those first leaves fairly quickly too.

Look to new growth: when you see it you know roots have taken hold.

Another trick is to start in a clear cup inside of a red cup. Then you can slide the clear one out of the red cup to check root progress. Be sure to poke holes that match up in both cups for drainage.

If your plants are too wide for a solo cup a 2 liter pop bottle works great. Or a sandwich bag and popsicle sticks.

Hope that helps.


@Shatter @Myfriendis410 yesssss!!! Thank you guys your wise advice has put your fellow stoner at ease for tonight lol even if they dont recover i know what to do for next time


I like a stem about 5 or 6" long that I can jab in to the media fairly deep. I cut it on a 45 degree angle and scrape the sides of the stem an inch or so up with a sharp utility knife blade. Then I dip in rooting powder (Home Depot) and poke into damp Promix and dome. 100% success.


clear plastic cups will allow you to monitor the roots progress…one for plant, one for humidity dome.

I use black plastic cups to cover the clear plastic cups to prevent light from hitting the roots. Also not mentioned in this thread is trimming down the foliage by aprox. 50%

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^^^ helps take in moisture until roots form and helps differentiate between new and old growth

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Here’s my simple dwc cloner that works like a charm… no need for a dome , I just mist them with clean ro water twice a day…
100% success rate…:wink:

Theres about 44 clones there and it only takes up 1’ squared of space …:grin:

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@fano_man tag me into your thread …
Couldn’t find it…:grin::+1: