First time growing, Bandana Feminized

Hey @beardless
When do you think I should trim off those big lower fan leaves now that the mainline stems have taken off?

No need to now. They are helping fuel its growth. I kind of go by prune the growth tips and leave the leaves

Once the mainline or manifold is in place with its eight main stems, I will start opening it up. I will selectively remove the older lower fan leaves as new growth takes over for them.
Two things I see.
Next time leave a little more stem when you top. The more you leave the less likely it is to split when forming the manifold.
The side that is taller than the other side will become dominant. If both sides are level they will grow equally. If one side does pull ahead tie it a little lower than the other side for a couple of days.
She looks great. I like this stage because you can easily observe how each side grows.

I’m adjusting the wires each time I water to try to keep them even, that picture is a few days old, just had a great side view of the stems.

I’ll try to break out my DSLR camera later and get a nice macro pic, my third node has already started on the main stems! It’s amazing how fast these plants grow.

So I just mixed up a new batch of water for my plant, here are the stats:

PH: 7.45
PPM: 190

After 2 TBLS molasses/ 1 gal H2O:
PH: 6.5
PPM: 369

Didn’t even need to touch my bottle of PH down. Hoorah!

Good. You are on top of keeping them level. I didn’t appreciate at first how much of a difference it can make.

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Day 31

Day 33

Day 34.

Started the next set of tie downs and she’s growing amazingly.

Here’s my girl!

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Nice mainline, she looks great!

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Day 35


Day 36. Gonna start bending the side stems tonight after I water. Got more of my big clips out today for easy attachment to the bag.

Hey @TheVirginian and @beardless think she’s ready to top again?

Well, I topped her. Lol looks like it’s taking good. Also got a nice dry weight and wet weight. Poor girl drank about 75oz before I got a single drop to come out the bottom of the bag. I’m also training the stems to twist about 90 degrees so the stems come straight out sideways instead of one on top and the other on the bottom. Also remembered to leave more stem when I trimmed the tops off. Left almost 1/2” this time.

Day 37! Looks like the topping went good, still growing!

Day 40.

Day 41. Jacks 321 came in yesterday so will be adding that to my water today!

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