First time growing banana kush


shes is so yummy

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Very frosty :+1:

Very nice
I grew Banana Kush and it was a kick ass plant and my wife’s all time favorite smoke.

Does it actually smell like nanners

No but it smells better and more unique than any I’ve ever smelled I can’t put my finger on it there’s some pine and citrus and something else no skunky smell.
It smells good and my wife says it tastes better than my other plants. That’s uncured we’ll see how it smells and tastes in a few more weeks.

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A XMAS Harvest !!! How wonderful !

Looks like you will be having a “White XMAS”.

Congrats…could you please show a pic of a whole plant? As I am considering the banana kush, do you have any hints or suggestions?

Love the bananna kush!! Grew 2 last time & have 2 going.



Looking pretty

How did it turn out? Have some good yields? Nutes or CO2?