First time growing auto's , Blueberry & Amnesia Haze?

Getting close to my last harvest , but planning my next grow with 2 auto-flower strains. My plan is 3 gallon pots , with layered soil medium . Advance Led XTE350 , light LST training , with Roberts Nutrient booster . Really want to try hydro , but no room for error with autos . Hopefully I can get the blueberry to turn and show its characteristics , that would be cool.

I don’t know why you do not think Autos are easy to grow. You just put them under a long photo period and they grow, no matter what. Just sayin’ Look forward to seeing your results.

It’s not the fact of being easy Latewood , it’s a matter of getting everything right in veg , no extended time in trying to heal a plant in distress . My main focus is setting a pre-planed schedule and follow it throroughly to not cause and nutrient defiencies . If you can grow an auto with out burning , than its a good step towards hydro with confidence to not burn them in hydro .

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Got pots ready for autos , layered soil medium that I mixed , topped 3 inches of coco- coir and perlite in 3 gallon buckets . Both strains finish in 56 days from sprout , so it’s gone be fast and very precised through veg , so I calibrate ph tester and make a chart to keep a log of the grow . Once this auto is finish , it would be great time to start a hrydro scrog grow to finished mid summer . Now once I start the auto , I’ll keep this thread updated as I proceed through the grow , to be my first auto flower grow .

I’m waiting to try the blueberry auto after my reg. Blueberry is done. My bubblegum and blueberry will Finnish about same time.

Well then, Now that you have a plan and know what you are doing. We will watch and see how well you do. Let me know if you need any help.

Auto blueberry & Auto Amnesia haze seeds are starting to germinate , showing tap root after 24 hours , which is very consistent that every seed from ILGM that I have grown from seed germinated 100% . This is when I ph a gallon of water at 5.8 with 2.5 ml of cal-mag and flush fresh soil ( Fox Farm mix ) and coco coir until run-off is 5.8 - 6.0 no higher , to give seedling a more acidic ph to sprout without burning . During the first 2 weeks I foliar spray ph water at 5.8- 5.9 until third node . After third node give ph water 2.5 ml of super-thrive B-1 green & B-1 Red . This being an auto , week 3 might be the best time for grow nutrients at a quarter strength or week four .


10/9/15 planted blueberry and amnesia auto , flush soil run-off 5.9 , set lights 16 inches , hopefully in 3-5 days they should sprout .

Sounds good, but why are you PHing soil at 5.8-9?

For new growers. Having a plan goes a long way in helping to avoid confusion when issues develop. A good nutrient schedule goes a long way.

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Yes, Yoshi, I tried to explain this to you before, it is not that seedlings do not like too high of pH but too high of nutrients. They can’t have too high of EC/TDS/PPM.

It isn’t the fact that you are dropping the pH to 5.8 that makes this method work for you. It is because you are washing most of the too strong of nutrients out of the soil and you are dropping the EC/TDS/PPM, that makes the seeds survive and do well, not the pH. The pH in soil can stay at 6.5


You are absolutely correct , my last grow ph did fine at 6.3- 6.5 , but I flushed the soil before I planted , which in my understanding flushing fresh soil out the bag worked better than placing seedling in the soil . I planted 2 seeds in fox farm ocean forest right out the bag and they burned within a week after sprout . So I thought I was lowering the ph with this method , but over all I’m just flushing to strong of nutrients out to give seedlings a chance to grow , well this way has worked successfully both times without burning them . Growing is learning ?


I’m not sure if the blueberry or amnesia haze auto 's can be scrogged , but I have seen them tied down . Depending on stretch in week 4-5 , I should determine if I can scrogged the 2 together are I will have to scrogged them individually .

Planted germinated seeds on 10/09 and found both top of soil on 10/12 , one seems to be thriving more than the other . This Friday I’ll start the grow calendar for the autos and keep a written log through out the grow .

Here are the 2 germinated seeds I’ve planted on 10/9 and they sprouted 10/12 . I’m not sure which one is the blueberry or amnesia haze auto . But clearly one is advancing more than the other .

Hopefully as the grow progresses , I can determine which strain is which .

It hard to say for certain because they are crossed w/ auto genetics, but the haze should show more sativa like growth, taller and thinner leaves and the blueberry with more indica like features of wider leaves and bushier growth.

And later, only the blueberry will have the sweet fruity smell, hopefully. My blueberry autos were surprisingly similar in flavor and potency to my feminized regular photo period blueberry. I haven’t had a chance to grow out the amnesia autos just yet.


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Today I lower lights , added Co2 , and gave a very , very light mix of nutrients at 2.5 ml of grow , B-52 , Voodoo Juice , and Roots 66 , PH at 5.9 and they responded really well . Next week I’m starting the 18/6 and maybe another light feeding .

Yoshi ? why are you feeding even a light nutrient mix to those small seeding your soil should be fine?


They finished in 56 days , and start pre-flowers after 14-17 days , which only leave 2 weeks for grow , which is week one and week 2 . But my top layer is coco -coir about 5 inches deep , which there is no nutrients in the coco , so I mist around the stem very lightly until the medium is moist , hoping it helps them more than hurt them .

ok cool just thought i ask :v:

One seems to be thriving more than the other seedling . I think the light mist will only give a boost , because anytime after next week they can start to stretch from what I read on autos . This auto is my first time growing auto, so I’m kind of experimenting , hoping to help the veg cycle ah little .