First time growing auto's , Blueberry & Amnesia Haze?

lookin good…:slight_smile:
fruits of your labors

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Hey Yoshi ,… …pick up later!


Garrigan did you buzz me , I been up and down fighting a cold that I can’t seem to shake . Went seen my primary doctor and was tested for flu , it was negative , but I had to get the flu vaccine when I had surgery in August due to having foreign material in my neck , titanium plates and 6 screws . I’m not sure what Chen trails they sprayed this season , but I’m following links . I went picked up some real ginger root from the Asian market and will brew a tea with ginger , cinnamon , lemon , honey , and 2 table spoons of cayenne pepper , and I know that will help me get to feeling better soon I hope .

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I cut the haze down earlier today , the trichomes started to Amber pretty rapidly after sitting it out in my drying chamber . So I got it hanging , I’ll post a picture in my thread here soon .

out of 26 clips only 5 don’t have a cola , which is not bad for my first auto grow of the amnesia haze . But very densed and super sticky buds , had quite a bit of trim , but didn’t really fool with for others uses , but I did get a gram or maybe 2 grams in trim hash , so this is the finale of the sativa , waiting on the indica blueberry , but I’ll continue the thread only on that plant , cause it was apart of the grow journal , and to give info on what , and how I growed the two plants .

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This is my blueberry and my grow chamber , as you can see , not very big at all , but I’ve had some really nice grows and each time I have increased my yields from the instructions and methods I learned here on the forum from the groundsman and the science officer of ILGM forum . Now my next run will be one plant in a 5 gallon , scrogged , and main lined manifold , but I’m still undecided if I’m ready to try the hydro water farm or used my remaining layered soil mix thru the rest of winter and start the hydro in early spring .

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Yoshi…dam it I fell asleep. I had no sleep at all the night before. Today is payday, so i’ll be out paying Bill’s and have one load of wood to deliver.
I’m also building and design ing a firewood processor and I need to pick up a few components today. I’ll buzz you this afternoon if your around ok

Your grow looks awesome great job. As time go’s by you will double your take . Let me know how she smoked.

Your friend

they already shrinking and getting densed after 2 days of drying , but I did sample a piece of the hash from the trim and all I can say is ah hoah , hoah , hoah , eyes watering , ah hoah …wow that was a good toke . So I’m pretty confident that this will be the best quality of bud over all I’ve grown .


That first pic looks awesome!!
I don’t think you have anything to worry about

. Will

I smoked a dug out one hitter that look like a cigarette , you know what I’m talking bout right . Dude no kidding , I was toked for a good 3-4 hours off one hit of that haze , and it was just dry enough to stay lit , burned white ashes , very loose grey ashes , and it didn’t bite my throat until I exhaled , it wasn’t even harsh or completely dried .

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That is just awesome Yoshi…all that effort has paid off.
I’m happy for ya. I have your journal coppied and plain on useing it as a guide when I start my auto’s next year.
Amnesia Haze is one I will buy along with Gold Leaf.


enjoyed this thread as much as the first…you gave a great suggestion about the calendar and listing each days activities. Can’t wait to get my seeds from Robert and start my first grow. I am not nearly as verbose as you Yoshi but I will post what I am doing and how it is going. Going to be growing white widow and strawberry Kush. I will probably do 2 WW and 1 Strawberry in my 2X4X7 Gorilla Grow tent. Later!

Garrigan62 & Taleone , I got home from a weekend vacation and the Haze auto I hung up 4 days ago is dry . It’s really dry , crumbling like parsley dry , but the mason jar I experimented with the lil nuggets was still moist , and a lil sticky . So I put all the buds In a zip lock baggy , forced all the air out of the bag until it was no air , than I zipped it close , now in a few days , by next Friday my 69.9 grams will be ready . Truthfully , I just want it to get back sticky and gooey.
Honestly I had no idea it would finish , because auto seems to stall twice in growing , and than rapidly grow double the size of a regular feminized in one week . Quality is seriously an upper type buzz , and a silhouette of a haze of thick smoke , Radd , really Radd ! Now I’m letting the blue berry finish , I just re-started the week 1 base nutrients and additives , and start from there and see what happens .

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How does putting it into zip lock bags air removed help in getting moisture back?


I have no clue Garrigan62 , but I just put back in mason jars , burp it daily . But man it’s some really good smoke .

Great job on the haze Yoshi!
I have some white widows that I’m about to harvest.
I want to try the haze!

But I have found the nutrients that the WW auto like
I have 3 plants that just started flowering and are 3 times as big as my first few I started.
I can upload pics tonight I’m new to this forum


Nice looking plants growguy…
And Welcome to ILGM…and our world of growing…

B Safe

Well either way, I’m happy for ya buddy.
You put a lot of effort into that grow.
As a matter of fact…if they had a vote on who had the most successful grow journal… you would be first in line for this year’s trophy…lol


Thanks I love the ww auto strain
I would grow these forever if I didn’t have to buy seeds.
But I am working on the nutrient cycle and these last big plants I have will be over 3 oz and that’s what I have been looking for.

Most ww auto s average 1/2 -1oz
I am happy about getting them to grow big enough to get 3 oz