First time growing auto flowers

Hey guys, so I just ordered GSC Extreme Autoflowers because my room shutoff last night a froze my plants. So to keep up with demand, I need to complete my next bloom fast.

I need advice as to where to start? I sounds like this will be a little different than my normal grow. Any advice is appreciated.

Here’s the layout:
Strain: Girl Scout Cookies Extream
Organic soil mix: FFOF w/ perlite, compost manure, dr.earths bud boosters fertilizer, earthworm castings.
Water: Reverse Ozmoses Water, with seaweed extract, PHd to 6.7
GROW ROOM:4x3 tent with 900 watt Vispar Specta center light and two 450 watt vispar spectra side lights. All LED
Nutrients used: in veg, just RO water w/ seaweed extract and mammoth P, PHd to 6.5-6.7. In bloom usually the same but I add maxibloom for one feeding, followed by a plain feeding of RO and Seaweed plus mammoth. Then the third feeding I will add beastie bloom instead of maxibloom. Repeat the cycle for 4 to 6 weeks. Then plain RO to flush and finish.

If im missing something please fill me in. I need to complete a grow fast to keep up with my demand!

Thanks for the help!

Well it’s going to be a long 4 months for you. Good luck. And also…if you really want to produce some serious plants and you have the funds, upgrade to HLG led lights. The Viparspectra lights don’t even compare to them at all.

@MrPeat I thought they went like two to 3 months or so? 4 months is fine as well but looking for it to be quicker.

Any advice on growing or can I follow my same regiment? Room temps are usually great just got.lazy last night and went to bed instead of checking room.

About the lights, I’m looking at G8LEDs with bud boosters. 900 watt. 1299.00 for complete set. That’s why I need a harvest every nine weeks.

Last grow, two plants, 14 oz! I’d say the vispar spectra did just fine for the last 3 1/2 to 4 years. Their due thou.

I’ve grown with Viparspectra PAR600. My one plant is probably gonna yield around 2 lbs dried, cured and no stems. This is the quality of HLG lights.

My plants average 75” tall and over 6 feet wide. The one is so big she grew out of the 4x4 tent.

I’d do what you have been doing to be honest. If you are happy with your results. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’ll even tag the Light Guru. My two HLG 260xl Rspec was a little over $799 and some change.


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You get that growth/yield from autos?

Autos like lighter feedings, especially nitrogen. They can go anywhere from 8-15 weeks on average. Do not switch to bloom until buds are actually forming (at the teeny thistle stage), to help push her to grow a bit more before flipping herself.


So not as much nitrogen? I’m making a hot soil that takes care of all nutrient besides maxibloom and beastie bloom for density. Beastie is all phosphorus. There is some nitrogen in maxibloom, prolly wont use it with these if I see problem arising.

The more I read it sounds like a normal grow but the light cycles are different… light on the nitrogen, what about pot sizes? Does it matter?? I typically start in a cup and move to a 15 gallon cloth pot

You need to be careful transplanting autos, too.

They can be more sensitive to issues than photos, simply because there’s no time for them to recover from stress. You absolutely do not need 15 gallon pots for autos. 5-7 gallon will work fine, even outside.

Perfect. Prolly wont start in cups then, I’ll go straight to the soil. Only problem I’m anticipating is a hot soil with a seedling. Prolly will cause some issues!? But…
I can do more plants comfortably. Prolly start some feminized as well! Looks like I’m buying a few new air pots!