First time growing anything please help

Hey all, First grow incoming so could use some suggestions on what I have / what I might still need.

I understand a lot of it comes from experience and what not, just want to make sure I have at least the basics to give it a solid go.

I will be growing autoflowers, 3-gallon fabric pots in the vivosun grow tent.

I currently have Hydroton Clay Pebbles for the bottom of the fabric pot and FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil Mix Indoor for on top.

I have Myco Supreme for root growth, and big bud for the flowering stage.

Is there anything i am missing?


You won’t need the hydroton balls. Fill them up with soil, many add perlite to the fox farms for better drainage.

You’ll need the complete nutrient trio I believe, but I don’t use them so can’t help much.

You’ll need a GOOD digital pH meter, and a TDS meter.

What do you have for fans?


I figured the hydrogen balls would just help with drainage and air flow. For the tent I have everything- Air Filtration Kit, Ducting Combo, 300W Led Grow Light, Glasses, Hand Pruner, Netting, Timer, Rope Hanger and Hygrometer Thermometers, and hanging desk fan.

I thought you didn’t need additional nutrients for autoflowers until the budding stage?

That depends on the soil you choose in the first place. Some have more nutrients than others. Most don’t have enough CalMag so that’s always good to add.

What light are you using?

It also depends on how soon your auto flowers. Sometimes as early as 3 to 4 weeks sometimes 7 to 10 weeks…


Small jug of Cal Mag to add to each watering after a couple weeks for one…
One note I would make…
I too am growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest in 3 gal bags ( mixed with coco coir and perlite ) for the 2nd time, and I found after 4 weeks you need to keep an eye on the nutrient level. My current grow I added the nutes I use, at 25% of recommended dosage, at Day 28. Then Straight water and CalMag next watering then checked runoff for ppm. Previous grow with FFOF I didn’t monitor and became aware of nutes in soil running out when leaves began turning yellow right after a full watering, with only Cal Mag added, as week 5 was ending. Able to get her to rebound but she stalled for a week.
Look Forward to following your grow !!

feel free to check in on mine ( currently at day 43 )

3rd Grow - with Gelato Auto - Show Your Grow / Grow Journals - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum


Thanks, Scrumm_21- much appreciated. So, the only actual nute you added was CalMag? I’ll be following some of your stuff in the hopes it helps mine grow haha.

*Also, can anyone suggest best options between defoliating and topping for autoflowers? I am not too familar with either.

My 1st grow last year was in Superb Soil from APotforPot website ( bought a Kit ) and No… I did Not have to add Anything except Cal Mag for the entire grow. Great stuff but pricey. I assumed the same was true for FFOF but after plant yellowed I goggled and discovered it usually won’t last entire grow.

Okay thanks- Do you have a good recommendation on brand for CalMAg

My 43 day old Gelato was not topped… my two 20 day old Gelatos were topped last week on day 16. I did too much lst after topping the 2 autoflower grows last years and stunted them. A light defoliation will be easy to do about 6 weeks in…

Botanicare Cal Mag plus

As @Underthestairs said a Good ph meter and tds meter makes life easier.

I am using General Hydroponics nute system ( 3 diff bottles ) But do Not be influenced by me! These GH products require straight water flushing at end of lifeycle. And this is only my 2nd grow using them. Hence dilution down to 25% to start as I learn…


Some diatomaceous earth sprinkled on the soil is Great for tiny pest control On The Soil (Not On Plant).
Misting leaves, including undersides, with Neem Oil Spray is a Must. Weekly - But Only until flowering, - for pest prevention.

Have you decided on a strain ?

Okay thanks ill look into it. I just bought the Feminized auto flower seeds. (White widow)

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I’ve never had to treat for pests indoors. Captain jacks dead bug is a great option that can be used as the way to 24h before harvest.

For nutrients you’ll need more than something for bloom. Look into Jacks 321. It has all the macro and micro nutrients needed from start to finish :love_you_gesture:


Mine are outside on sunny days for 8, of their 16, hours. I used neem spray when i grew indoors some in the 80’s lol. PotforAPot incls it in their kits. I inspect plants thoroughly when i bring them in…

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Jacks 321
Keep it simple


I’m doing a grow journal that uses almost no bottle nutrients and relies on progressive transplanting into new amended soils. I personally find this method easier than anything. All these bottles of nutrients and fertilizers… are barely necessary with this method. Food for thought.

I would also not recommend throwing auto seeds right in ocean forest. I don’t even throw my photos in ocean forest until 3 gallon pots or larger, anything smaller and happy frog is more than sufficient for their nutrient needs. I burned my autos to hell my doing OF too soon.

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:point_up_2: interesting, many cultivators start seeds in FFOF, same with coco and full strength jacks :love_you_gesture:


It’s possible, but also not necessary at that stage. 1000 PPM right out the bag is, to me, way overkill for young seedlings.

Cocos a different beast entirely so nutrient feeding and flushing for that growing medium would certainly reflect different growing practices (that I admittedly know little about compared to soil haha)


Agree, I start seedlings at 500 PPMs in coco and bump that up a 100 each week. I’ve had coco loco at 2500 right out of the bag with seedlings. Some seem to take it better than others :love_you_gesture:

Started these in coco loco for a run versus my typical straight coco

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