First time growing and struggling

I need help w my amnesia express plant. It’s dying :sob: my quick was younger and died this way. I don’t know what to do or what this is. Did my research. Can’t find much on this. I know there’s experts that can point me in a direction that works.

I did flush the plant a few times. And have fox grow (the 3 pack.) started feeding at 2 weeks. This is week 3
Also, are white spider mites a threat to my plant(s)?

That’s definitely nutrient burn, and overwatering. It’s way to young to be flushing.
Best advice for now is recovery, allow it to dry out, and hope she survives the nutrients.


Thank you so much! I also put it inside at times under the lights. And I don’t know if my lighting is enough when inside.

I do keep track of hydrometer. And water ph levels
Is it ok to even do both methods(inside and outside) for the plants? I like natural lighting and heat but when the days aren’t long enough warm enough or dry enough I bring them in

What he said! Cannabis is not a jungle plant it likes relatively dry environments. That little seedling should get a shot glass of straight water only when needed like once every couole or few days. If you are in FF soil or a commercial built up supersoil you dont need food for 4 to 6 weeks, and even then most people pot up into fresh soil which re starts the feed clock.


It’s adequate to keep it alive, but if you’re going to have an inside grow much past the seedling stage, I would recommend more light.
If this is only supplemental until the weather turns, it’s adequate.
Will this plant eventually be outside all of the time?

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No. It’s been getting too cold for my liking to keep them outside 24/7. Plus the 18 hour of light to 6 hours dark is what I’ve been trying to do

I would definitely recommend getting additional lighting. Hlg 65 would work well for your one plant.

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Thanks. I’ll check that out!