First time grower

Just ordered my first seeds from this site. Very excited. Any words of advice?

I would suggest starting a good grow log. This way you have something to look back on that might help ID problem, or ways to improve your grow. The information in the log is different depending on if you are growing hydroponically or in a soil medium.
For hydro I would keep a log of:
Room Temp
Reservoir Temp
pH solution
ppm solution
Any adjustments (either additions to reservoir or complete change)
Picture of the plants and roots 2 separate (2 separate pics)
Daily maint.
Any note you can think might help in future grows.

Keep in mind that this info is a ticket to jail depending on laws in your area. Keep it in a secure place.
I keep a separate digital camera for pictures and have a cheap laptop that contains only grow information. Both get put in my gun safe every night. I realize that both could be found be police with a warrant, but at that point the game is over any way.


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which seeds did you get ?
how did you germinate them ?
how are they doing ?
oh and scooter, oblamer has his fema swat team on the way to your pot factory, you do realize with satellite heat sensing imagery they can see exactly what you are doing…
its all on you tube … lol
so what noots are better ? botanicare or fox ?

Very funny! Yuk Yuk,

Hey RG, I too would like to know; What did you get. Advice for a Sativa is different than advice for an Indica. Most these days are hybrids, So; You will have to read your plant.

Are you growing in soil, or a hydro method?

my advice to a new grower. 1. Get a ph pen and a tds/Ec pen or meter. I use Milwaukee SM802 for years.
Ph down. Boric, Phosphoric, or Sulfuric acid (diluted)

Make sure you always apply ph adjusted water or solution to your plants. Use a good nutrient schedule. I have used and recommend the following nutrient lines. The packages I list below will get you through the entire grow.

  1. Dutch Master: Advance A & B, grow and bloom, Max Bloom, Zone, Silica. Dm has a nutrient calculator, but you can follow bottle direction for great results! Dutch Master Nutrients are very close to Nutrient blends used by professional hydroponic growers worldwide.

  2. Pure blend Pro Grow, CNS17 for Bloom, and CNS 17 Ripe. Additives CalMag+, and Liquid Karma will help you through the entire grow. liquid Karma is needed from Start to mid flower. CalMag+ is needed more for hydro than soil.

Let me know if I can help you further. Hope this helps. Peace.lw

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have you tried botanicare kind ?

Hey Gallow, thanks for the advice. I just put ice packs on my roof to help reduce the heat signature. Check google earth for me and let me know if my grow is still showing. For my medical grows, I have an open door policy with the states they are in. Obama can come by also. Ill get him smoked up, even if he doesn’t have a medical recommendation.

You will find there are many ferts out there and every grower will have a favorite blend. If you have not grown before, I would check out a good hydroponic shop. There are many types of ferts that are usually 2 part mixes, part A and B for veg them an additional A and B for bloom. Do some reading on what the plants actually need through each phase and you will find that you can make your own receipt from much cheaper sources. I would suggest the premade liquids for the first few grows until you have a good idea how to read your plants needs.

Another small bit of advice. The government is not using their high priced satellites to try to bust small grows. Google the federal attorney generals speech about prosecuting marijuana related crimes. I will save you some time. They are not pursuing them unless associated with violent crimes also. The transition is happening. Will not be illegal long. Over half the country will have marijuana usage laws by the end of 2014. At that point the walls will start coming down.

Happy growing

PS Check out the book Growing Elite Marijuana by Ryan Riley


@Gallows. No I have not. Years ago I Bought Pure Blend Pro, in order to test it against General Hydroponics 3-part. I was using hydroponics bubblers in the experiment. Organic nutes vs Chemical nutes.

Since then, I use Pure blend pro for all my seedlings both Cannabis, and Produce. After I transplant I use my own custom nutrient solution, (3 part, by the way, chelated micro). Or indoors I tend to stay with the DutchMaster I listed, (for hydro), or the Botanicare I am currently using, for ProMix BX.

Having great results. I also grew 6 Ghost , and Scorpion pepper plants over the winter indoors with this recipe.

Thanks for asking.


Hey Mr Green
Your not the Mr Green from Reservoir Dogs are you?
As Latewood said, If you are growing in a 1 gallon container because of limited space, you should check out deep water culture systems.
Very easy to make, and they really pump the grow. If you like soil grows, you can start flowering right about now. 1 gallon pot is pretty small, and the milk jug limits air to the root system. Try cloth grow bag to allow more air to the roots. I use Geopots, but there are many different kinds.

Latewood also mentioned a Sea of Green technique. very cool and fast way to grow in limited space. I know people that use this technique, and grow in 4 inch pots. They plant clones in 4 inch pots then checkerboard them in the trays. I believe there are 15 spots in the trays and they put 8 plants in them. They put the clones into flower right after planting them.

Good luck Mr Green.


Any suggestion on what I need to do next on my poor babies?

I would say more light buddy

Thanks, I have a 600watt HPS light system, should it be closerto them?
It is 26" above the plants
I now have it running 12 on and 12 off, should I go to 18 on and 6 off

It should definitely be 18 on right now an put your hand above your girls and bring the light down till you can berly feel it then up just a touch

Thanks Joshawa.
Will put that in to play right away.
Do you think I should top the girls when they get to a 4 or 5 node? The stem seems so frail that I am pretty sure I will have to support them as they grow or the main stem my not support them.

Wait till you transplant and bury most of the stem and I wait till the Fithian or sixth most times but that’s me

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What is the size of your space and how big are your final pots

The space they are in is 3x3x9, 3 ft width 3 ft deep 9 ft high.
What size pots were you thinking I should use to transplant them into.

At least 3 gallon

Ok, thanks buddy

Are you going to use nutes on your girls

I started using fertilizing spikes , don’t really know what else to do with in nominal cost.