First Time Grower - Yellow Leaves

Hi everyone, first time grower trying only 4 seeds this time. I’m using Happy Frog soil, led full spectrum lighting. the room is at 70 degrees and RH around 65. the seedlings came up ok a week ago and have their first set of true leaves. the leaves are turning yellow on their edges. The moisture is fine and i originally had the lights 18" above but tried lowering them to 4" to see if that helps. Any ideas? I can post pics later if necessary.

We will need photos as soon as you can get them. Then we can help you out. :+1:

And welcome to the community.

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Thank you, I’ll get those soon.


Here’s one of them.

And this one that won’t straighten out

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Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning: The first couple leaves are sometimes wonky. What kind of light do u have?

Nothing expensive at this time. A 45w supposedly full spectrum with red blue and white leds

Under closer inspection it kinda looks white.

Looks over watered, how much are you giving them? A shot glass every 2-3 days is all that’s needed. Seedlings should be covered with a dome to create condensation for the leaves to absorb for around 10-12 days then I transplant at day 14 :love_you_gesture:

About that much. The moisture meter shows the soil on the edge of dry and moist.
Does that whiteness on the leaves look like mildew to you?

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Starting to get further down the leaf.

No on the mold, Seedlings need a good amount of moisture in the air for the leaves to absorb. Are covering these with a clear dome like a clear solo cup? This will create condensation inside for the leaves to absorb. I keep a dome on the first 10-12 days and water around that dome :love_you_gesture:

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I’ll try domes. They are getting worse the bent over one is just about dead. Is the light good enough or should I get a 100w led light? I never had these issues with tomatoes or anything else.

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Give them 3 days between watering :love_you_gesture:

Ok I’ll try that. Right now they’re looking sad.

I spray the inside of the domes twice a day. I will also spray the outside of the dome where it meets the soil. No issues.

Thanks I’ll try that as well

Post mortem: All 4 seedlings died, never got past the second leaves. Tried everything but no luck. I have 2 more awaiting sprouting hopefully i have better luck with these.

I started 2 more seeds in a seedling starter and grew great transplanted to 5 gal. Pots and they grew great for 2 weeks now the leaves are turning yellow.
Using happy frog soil
Not over watering
600 w led lights approx. 6 in. Above
Temp around 80-84
humidity 55
I have notice a few gnats frying around
Ill add photos