First time grower. Would love feedback

Long time reader. First time poster. First time grower. 4 x 4 tent - 1) northern lights auto. 1) amnesia haze auto. LST and light trimming of fan leaves. Heading into week 8. 18/6 light schedule. Light nute feedings. Would love to hear your thoughts on how my plants look.

Northern Lights

Amnesia Haze

image image

Thanks in advance. Happy Growing!


They will finish at different time but they looking good , couple of weeks to go

Anyone sees light stress??? The way the leafs grew all just 3 fingers… What about that lasko display is it off when lights out?.. Seems alot of RED LED light…

Apparat from that you’re on track couple of weeks check for amber trichoms.

@schnaity Welcome to the neighborhood. :wave::wave:
Lookin good so far. :+1:
At just over 7 weeks from germ then you’d be approx 4 weeks in flower. Looks like another 4-5 weeks left from the pics.

Looks like they could use a bit of a pk boost to help with some of the lighter green happening on the amn haze.

And honestly I’ve not seen very many growers finish a plant in the advertised flowering times.
Especially with the autos.
Veg time before pistils show is rarely accounted for in the time estimates.
And too those times are for an experienced grower with a dial’d in environment.

Patience will reap the rewards. :wink:


@schnaity What did you use to get those close up shots if you don’t mind me asking?

It’s a usb digital microscope that plugs into my laptop. It’s was $40 on Amazon.

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A little grow update…approaching week 11. I think things are filling in nicely.

Northern Lights


Amnesia Haze
(Is the main cola close to harvesting?)


How are the girls looking?

Thanks in advance and thanks for the continued knowledge I’m gaining from browsing the forums.