First time grower with white widow auto flower

Newbie here I have been seeing these bushy plants . Do auto flower bush out like that or do you have to do something to the plant thanks in advance

I always fim mine to get them a little bushier.


Genetics and proper care (watering, light, pH, PPM,…)


FIM and LST if you want a bush rather than a tree. Do not recommend high stress training with autos, not enough of a recovery time.

I have grow journals with my LST method, go have a look.

Happy Growing!


You can more or less shape your plant however you wish. I personally like a bushy plant, but I have also seen some extremely successful single cola grows. Dealers choice


I think it’s more strain dependent, as ilgms amnesia haze autos can be brutally trained, with great success. Everyone told me that too, but now that I’ve done it a few times, I’ve noticed that if I stress it out enough during the veg stage, that it will stunt it’s growth, in the veg stage. Essentially pausing the plants development, and prolonging the veg stage by a few weeks. They turn into monsters quickly, and being sativa, took forever to flower, but they are incredible.


Looks damn good I’m just in the learning faze Thank you

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That’s what I mean you say shape it does that mean pruning

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Yes and no. I use a combination of tying the main stalk down, tying the individual branches down, the goal being to spread everything out, and also super crop pretty much everything I touch. But you can manipulate the plant into any shape you want, though I wouldn’t really go cutting too much. Mostly forcing the plant to grow where you want it to