First Time Grower with Slowness issues.... or impatient?

They are short and stocky because your light is very powerful, dial it down and the plant will stretch. Refer to the DLI light guide, I would strongly suggest.

Also they look pretty dark green, are these soil or coco.

Once the plant is half the size of your plants water by weight of the pot, dry and wet cycles as to make roots stretch when water is reduced but don’t let them sts completely dry for very long or it will harm them.

Keeping your VPD in range is also very important, you want 79f and about 75% humidity in this early veg stage. But refer to a cannabis cod chart for exact directions based on life stage.

If your struggling to keep humidity up in early stages, ensure your running your exhaust fan based off humidty. Have it kick in via controller when humidity raises above 75% and set your humidfior for 75 or 80% for example.


Ahhhh, no kidding! So… I’ll turn the light back down to 60%, in that case. Thanks, @Nicky , I’ll check out the DLI Light Guide and the COD Chart that you referred to.

To the best of my knowledge, the temps and the humidity have been pretty good. I had my humidity gauge start the AC Infinity at 80% humidity, but generally, the humidity stays around 60-65%. Right after I water, I can see the humidity spike to that 80% leve, and within 10-12 hours I can see it back to about 65-70%, and by the next evening, it’s down to nearly 50-55%. I don’t mind starting up a humidifier if needed. The ACI fan states that my VPD is between 1.2-2.5 with the average around 1.5. My temps are generally in the high 70s on average, though, we have a couple of 90-degree days coming up at the end of this week before the temps drop back to the low 80s for the weekend.

I thought they seemed pretty dark green, too… is that bad? Too much nitrogen? The grow media is composed of Coco, perlite, worm castings, half strength on bat guano, alfalfa meal, and Kelp meal. Mixed in slow release nutes from Gaia Green, 4-4-4 all-purpose (3/4 strength), and 2-8-4 bloom (one quarter strength). Then, because I’m guessing the nutes from the initial point that I planted them were used up, or close to used up, I did a top dressing of the 4-4-4 and the 2-8-4 along with some worm castings on Monday night. The reason behind this was that I wanted to provide them nutes before they showed signs of distress, and because it was the end of the month. my plan was to basically “feed” them at the end of each month, which would mean I was planning on feeding them 3 times in their lifespan.

I don’t know if all of this makes sense or if I’m rambling. I appreciate if you’ve made it this far! Thanks again!

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She smells every now and then, not too much though, but when she does she smells amazing, the strawberry cheesecake next to her though is probably a week behind and she STINKS, and already showing loads of sugar but I will probably get less than half of the yield off that than the forbidden runtz :rofl:

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And thanks brother good luck to you too! I’ll stay following and help out as much as I can on your journey :sunglasses::pray:t2:

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Haha, thanks @Nicky! You gave me a few search terms and one of the top Google search results was this page:

So I used the formula that @MeEasy posted on that thread (thank you!), and I then found this guy who did a really, really great review of the exact light that I’m using in my setup:

I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting these links, I promise I’m not trying to sell anything or cause trouble, I really am all about Open Source Information :heart:

That being said, I took the measurements from these two locations and then made rough calculations based on this information. My tent is 2x4, so, these measurements are only rough… At 2 feet, I’m getting 750 PPFD, @ 3 feet it’s 515 and @ 4 feet it’s almost 450 PPFD… this would still mean an average of about 570 PPFD.

Granted, this is at 100% of the capacity of the light, so taking 50% just to overestimate (I’m running my light at about 60%), which is an average of about 285 PPFD, which would be 20 DLI, at my current settings, which is low, according to this site:

Photone - Grow Light Meter

Based on that calculator and that YouTube analysis of the light, I could do a couple of things… I just raised my light because I thought it was too close, so I’m going to drop it back to 18 inches, keeping it at 60%, and also add another hour of light to my schedule which would make it 20/4. That should raise the PPFD closer to about 420 :heart: and make the DLI closer to 30, as you can see here:

Thanks everyone for the help on this!!! This really is a great community! :pray: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


How far in flower are your plants?

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Hey @THC73 , thanks for commenting. I don’t have the slightest clue. I don’t think they’re even into flower yet? I planted the taproots back on the 29th of May, so they’re only about 4 weeks old. I originally dunked em in water and did the paper towel on the 26th, or 27th of May. Their lights turned on about 90 minutes ago, so if you want any kind of pictures I’d be happy to go say hi to these ladies, LOL :laughing:

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LMAO :rofl: I came out to do daily maintenance and I was pleasantly surprised by my findings. I rotated all the pots again, and adjusted the tie downs on all of the plants. I was able to push some bigger leaves back and all kinds of Colas(?) or new growth. I don’t know the terminology yet, still learning. But I think I see a bunch of new white hairs on all of these plants. I took a bunch of pictures. Let me know what you think. Again. These seeds were dunked in water literally a month and a couple days ago. I’m now starting to get a little excited again, wondering if this is getting dialed in and if I can catch up with @Se7en in the next few weeks, haha :pray::seedling::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks, @Se7en, if you have a link to your grow, drop it here, I’d love to see what…

LOL :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

As I was typing, this image popped in my head, :rofl:

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Heyyyy they’re looking awesome brother!! All them need branches you see growing upwards, when they get the same height as the main cola, a lean the plant the other way so the branches on the otherside get light and can stretch also. No worries at all brother I’ll get my journal for you now

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Here are some updates of the tent climate

Just a quick picture update for today, June 1st. This Purple Kush in the back right is turning into a small BUSH! :deciduous_tree: A couple of others are still really short and seem stunted. I’m really thinking about getting my next cycle started now that I’m at the beginning of a new month. :thinking:

Well at least you got the date right lol

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Omg, what a doofus, lmao :rofl:

Losing my mind over here, haha


Quick picture update. Super busy day today. Spent a while this evening cleaning up the tents, folding down sides of the fabric pots, and setting up some new tie downs. I found a ton of new growth on these girls. They were also much lighter in weight than yesterday so they must’ve been thirsty. I did give them a thorough watering and misting before closing up for the night. I think I’ve identified a few critical flaws I made back in the beginning which I believe is why a couple of these girls are runts. Overall, I didn’t find any signs of bad health that I’m aware of. Let me know what you think. Thanks :pray::seedling:

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Just a climate update. Sitting pretty out here :seedling::pray::heart::smirk:

You can see the humidity drop when these girls start to need more water.

I spent almost 2 hours working on these girls last night. I realized last night why I need to fill these pots with more soil/coco… The media really compacted more than I expected, but exactly how many people have discussed on this forum. So, instead of filling the pots with more media, I decided to tie down the top of the fabric pots. This also opened up some ability to get some new green twisty ties in there and continue training these girls.


Happy Fourth of July and post number 100! :tada::us::heart::pray::bouquet:

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