First Time Grower with Slowness issues.... or impatient?

Quick update. Girls have put on some growth in the last couple of days. :heart_eyes:

Continuing to water at 5.9 at usual.

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@OhioIndoorGrower Now those are some perfect looking seedlings you got there!!! Wow!! :+1:t2::green_heart::seedling:

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Thanks @Fieldofdreams !!! Woo-hoo!!! I’m so glad to have some reassurance that I’m on the right track, here. I’ll just keep doing what I have been doing and ‘stay the course’! Thanks very much! Very exciting! :smile: :seedling: :sunglasses:

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Agree with @Fieldofdreams , beautiful so far! How tall are they? They’ve really greened up since last in-the-tent pics.
I use that green twist-tie wire too, think I got 100’ from Dollar store for like $2. I make a little hook like a J and pull mine down and secure them to holes I drilled thru the lip of my plastic containers. Like so…

This pic was from June 3, a Dutch Treat planted beginning of March, flipped May 15th. I will adjust the ties as needed, add more etc, to try and keep the canopy the same level. I lollipop a bit and clone out the cuttings. Keep the lineage going!


Thanks, @Spudgunner !! Much appreciated! Yeah, I do like this wire. When you are “training”, do you keep them in the same direction all the time? Or do you switch their direction every few days so that they get different levels of light?
So far, the girls are still pretty short. I was kind of concerned about that, but they are staying green and continue to grow new leaves. They aren’t really too tall, yet. I’m hoping the stalks will lengthen out, but I don’t know… They probably aren’t any taller than about 4-6 inches, if I had to guess. I’ll grab a tape measure later and get an exact measurement.
Your tree is a beauty! :heart_eyes: Thanks for dropping in!

Also, @Spudgunner , did you defoliate the bottom of your plant? If so, when did you start that? I’m assuming you’re running a photo-period strain?

@OhioIndoorGrower She is a beaut. Her name is Stevie. She was an ugly baby, gimpy leaves. Hence her name, started like Steven Tyler, but turned out like I hoped, Stevie Nicks. Yes, she’s a photo.
When she had about 7 or 8 nodes, I topped her around node 5 and cloned her top. Then after say 2 weeks?? I started bending the top branches outwards. The lower branches catch up, and I just add more ties to the other branches to keep the tops an even height.
I do have an Bruce Banner auto going as well as a 9lb Hammer photo. I did the same to the 9PH, but I didn’t top the BBa, let her run her course au naturel. Except for LST’ing her in a spiral, like below

I tried to get her growing around the pot, and side branches get tied down to same height and I try to keep things out of the center of the plants.
On all my plants, photo and auto, any branches that I don’t think will yield a nice-sized bud get snipped early, no sense putting growth into something that won’t produce much.
I don’t change direction of where I want her to go, if I start training her clockwise, she grows clockwise and we keep training that way, never zig-zag, that’s putting more plant matter back into the middle of the plant area, which blocks light to other branches. Any big fan leaves that grow INTO the middle get cut, those on the outside don’t block anything so they can stay.
Here’s my BBa 4 days ago…

I may spin the container to maximize light penetration, especially since the 9lb Hammer is a stretch monster, shoulda been a 9FT Hammer!
I trimmed the BBa when she started flowering around week 5 (??) and the photos just before flip or just after, then cloned out those cuttings.
I’m only doing the auto this run as I knew I would run out of my last harvest before any photos could finish. I was right, the auto isn’t done quite yet (next week?) and I’m halfway thru a dispensary ounce, and will have to buy another before she is dried and cured.

@Spudgunner that’s awesome, man. She’s big, and nice full canopy! :heart_eyes:

Quick update, short on time. Been continually watering at night, pH’d the water around 5.8-6.0. They’re starting to bulk up! :seedling:

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After imposing some new LST bending on most of the plants last night, this morning, they are all standing straight up again and seem like they barely had any stress. I also increased my light output to 80% last night and raised it from about 18 inches above the pots to now about 24-25 inches. I don’t know if I had that light too close or not, but I was worried it wasn’t far enough away. Today is June 27, which means it was a month ago today that I originally dunked my seeds in a glass of water before putting them in paper towels. And cycle two won’t be technically a month from their starting date until 4-5 days from now. The girls are now approx 4-6 inches tall. So… for being basically a month old, I’m really happy with these girls!

Today, I’m heading to the store for some supplies. I am planning on putting together a top dressing formula for these girls to take them through the next month of growth. I’ll post details later on what exactly I’m doing, but it’s nothing crazy or extreme.

Welp, back again… a Serious question for the experienced growers here… did I stunt the growth of these plants? I know, I know, as @MrPeat said, don’t compare to other growers and don’t even compare plants in the same room because they are all different.

That being said… My lil girls are all auto flowers. Super Lemon Haze, Purple Kush, and Gold Leaf, all from ILGM. Cycle 1 seeds dunked on May 26, paper towel on the 27th for 2 days. Planted tap roots on May 29. Cycle 2 seeds dunked on May 31, paper towel on June 1 for 1 day, planted tap roots on June 2.

They just seem so short… but they have so many leaves! I am thinking of defoliating, but don’t want to stunt them any more, if they are stunted. I Just don’t know how they can get to 2-3 feet high in the next coming weeks and I don’t want to only get only like an Oz out of these girls at harvest time. Should I just start my next cycle now, or wait? LOL

SO, based on that… I’m somewhere around week 4. How do these girls look for that age?
Also, I just top-dressed my girls Monday night, according to my own schedule. I figured that these girls would have enough nutes in the Coco medium I put together at the beginning, so i did about 3/4ths of a “full dose” of nutes on Monday night, which was comprised of about 1 cup of worm castings, 2 Tbsp of 4-4-4 All Purpose and 1.5 Tbsp of 2-8-4 Bloom (all from Gaia Green). I haven’t seen any leaves turning yellow, except for one or two that I accidentally got some nute powder on.

I’ve been keeping to the schedule, watering no more than 1 time a day, and I make sure to feel the top 1-2 inches of soil/coco/media to determine how much water they need. It’s been about 1 liter of water a day equally spread across all 6 plants in these huge 5 gal pots… I’m doing smaller pots next run.

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@Nicky Is right up your alley. He is good at Autos. I can’t stand them personally. If the seeds is free, I will grow them. But I will never buy them. Photos are the Queens. :+1:


@MrPeat , I think I’ll keep doing Autos if I can figure them out… maybe a couple a year, just to fill in the gaps and try new strains. But, next year, I’m going to try to do one or two photos, start them early in the year and just let them veg out until August and then flip em. I didn’t know what to expect here because this is my first grow, so I figured Autos would be the easiest. LOL, what an assumption! :laughing:

Thanks for tagging @Nicky , I’ll be interested to see what he’s got to say. :pray:


Also, my Spider Farmer SF-4000 is running at about 75-80% power, at about 24-26" above the fabric pots. The height of these girls is somewhere between 5 and 7 inches tall. Water pH is around 5.8-6.2, letting it slowly rise and fall throughout the week to ensure they are getting a wide variety of nutrient uptake. I feel like they are really nice and green, healthy… just so short. Wondering if I left the light down at 16-18 inches / 60% power for too long… I only raised it a few days ago to the higher/stronger point, in hopes that these girls would start to stretch toward the light. :man_shrugging: IDK… I’m probably being too anxious, expecting too much, and/or not being patient enough.

They look healthy to me.

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Almost all my autos start out short and bushy! Mine was like yours brother honestly in a matter of weeks they’ll be 2-3 times that size. I’ll show you a two week comparison of my forbidden runtz auto


On the left, I think you can still see the orange pot

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Thanks for your response @Se7en! And, WHAT? :eyes: You’re telling me that those pictures are only about 2 weeks apart?! :exploding_head:

holy mother of growth! are you defoliating your girls or (forgive me this seems like a really dumb question) are they naturally dropping leaves on the ground? I’m assuming you’re tying branches down for LST?

LOL, I’m sitting here in disbelief :laughing: I trust you, I just don’t see how they’ll fill out. I keep telling them they’re pretty and doing well, and play good music for them on the weekends when I’m working on my projects in my garage, haha! I guess I have unrealistic expectations due to inexperience growing :seedling:

Thanks again for your response!

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You’re welcome brother and yeah bro maybe 2.5 weeks apart maximum? But there abouts! And tbh, I’m unsure myself on defoliation, I feel like I should have, because I’m regretting it now looking at her and even more worried about doing it :sweat_smile: so I’m with you in that and wouldn’t mind knowing that myself as this my first proper run also :laughing: but yes bro I have taken a few leaves off here and there but no more than maybe 3/4 at a time. And LST only, just tying branches over and down etc

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haha, that’s awesome, man! Well, I guess the next two weeks shall be very interesting! Did you happen to notice any smell yet? mine just smell like generic plants at this point; none of that distinct oder of cured buds whatsoever. Your plants look green and healthy! :seedling: Yeah, let me know if you decide to defoliate further, or if you get any tips on proper ways to do that. Good luck on your grow, dude! :pray:

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