First Time Grower with Slowness issues.... or impatient?

Thanks @Aussie_autos, @theGiz and @Mikedin for the replies! I’m starting to think that these girls are a-OK at this point, and the extra water I have been feeding them in the past few days has helped them immensely. Now I have 1 plant that appears to be “reaching” or lifting its pedals up to the light. Maybe 2. I’ve been reading this could be light stress, so I raised my light a couple of inches, not too far, and lowered the intensity about 5%. We’ll see if that helps or makes any difference.

Here are some pics since I haven’t been able to post in a couple of days.

Thanks again for checking in and taking the time! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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I know everyone always says up pointing leaves is light stress but I always had best growth when pointed slightly upwards, I believe what they are referring to is when leaves are pointing nearly vertical or in a sharp “V”

Also your upwards pointing leaves are new growth it looks like, so you would expect them to point upwards more so than the others until they get long enough to flatten down

They look healthy I’d personally be happy what what I’m seeing there!


@OhioIndoorGrower I agree with @Mikedin

They call that’Praying to the Light’ in here. It’s a good sign imo.


I would agree…all are lookin healthy too me

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Thanks for the reply, @Mikedin. I started searching online for stuff related to what you said and understand what you mean. Thanks for pointers! I think is a good sign. I need/want to get a camera in there to snap a pic like once a minute and be able to track the changes. Regardless, I started messing around with the soil and found that there was a zone of pH that was getting north of 6.4-6.5. So last night I pH downed some water and gave her a nice healthy dose of 5.7. This morning her leaves are already a bit “flatter” than last night. The other 5 girls seem to also enjoy the lower pH water. Last night, all of them were about 6.3, so I’m thinking it may have been the slow creep of pH.

Thanks for the replies, @Fieldofdreams & @theGiz! I saw some info about this online and see what you mean. This makes me happy to know these girls are on the right track, albeit a bit of a high pH. Thank you!

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Here are some pics of the grow space from last night around 9pm.

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@OhioIndoorGrower Looking on track for serious SUCCESS!! :seedling::green_heart::seedling::green_heart::sunglasses:

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Awesome!!! Thanks, man! This is so exciting! :seedling:

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Hey everyone who is interested. I setup my GoPro and got some larger, better pics of my grow setup.

This is my first tent. Purpose of this tent is for seed starting and germination. Also, this tent houses the A/C unit, the small space heaters, and my storage compartments for all my nutes ands stuff.

This tent also is my air scrubbing tent. The top 6" vent is incoming from the other tent, powered by an AC Infinity fan pushing hot air. The bottom 6" vent takes cooler air and pushes that into the other tent. There is a fan in the other tent that sucks air through this duct. I also have a Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED light in here that I would most definitely like to start using more. I’ll be getting some new seeds started soon for a late-year grow.

This is the main grow tent. Not much stored in here. This is the Spider Farmer SF-400 LED grow light. Both of these tents are about 2.5’ w x 4.5’ L x 6.5’ h. amazon com /gp/product/B083K58ZJZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1

I did start rotating all of the pots daily. This was only a few days ago, but, I’m rotating everything clockwise by 1 position every night when I come to check on them around 9.

I have a 5-gallon Home Depot bucket that has my Cal-Mag treated rainwater along with a fish aquarium air pump with those rock defusers. I hear it’s good to put air in your water and helps with the plant roots. I couldn’t tell you if it’s helping or not, lol :laughing: I’ve been pH’ing my water to 5.8 the last two days.

Super Lemon Haze Auto flower from my “Cycle 2” batch, courtesy of :heart:

Purple Kush Auto flower from my “Cycle 2” batch, courtesy of :heart:

Gold Leaf Auto flower from my “Cycle 2” batch, courtesy of :heart:

Gold Leaf Auto flower from my “Cycle 1” batch, courtesy of :heart:

Purple Kush Auto flower from my “Cycle 1” batch, courtesy of :heart:

Super Lemon Haze Auto flower from my “Cycle 1” batch, courtesy of :heart:

These girls are just chillin in my tent all day long:

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OMG, this heat outside today is killing me. I love the heat, but I know these girls don’t. I can’t get the heat lower than about 83-85 in these tents. It’s about 91 outside.

My A/C can’t keep up with the temperature outside.

Just a quick update. These girls have been baking in the heat over the past two days. It’s been in the 90’s during the day and my A/C unit is doing virtually nothing to lower the temp. Luckily, over the next couple of days, the outside temp is supposed to drop to about 55-60 overnight and be in the 70s day time. Perfect temps for these girls to veg out.

I watered them only 1 liter of water today because the media wasn’t completely dried out. I checked the history on the AC Infinity exhaust fan and the average temp in the past two days was 85 and the average humidity in the tents was around 65-70%. Honestly, they seem like they are handling it okay, but what do I know? This is my first run.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Hope you have a great day! :heart:

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Nice, that tent is gunna be packed wall to wall, I have 6 plants side by side in a 4x4 section of my 4x8 tent and they are squished for sure, can’t really open them up or I’d lose light intensity, some look like they’ll be done much earlier than others (I hope) so I can let the later flowering ones open up more

They look good for how high your temps show, I had humidity issues the past few days (up to 72% RH in mid flower) enough so that I’m waiting a for a 4500sq ft dehumidifier to put into a 1,000 sq ft room, I had temps up to 90 outdoors luckily my basement stays around 75f but that damn humidity lol.

Where does that AC unit vent to? Is it going into your lung room where the flaps are allowing fresh air in from?

For reference this is 6 autos in 5 gallon pots in a 4x4 section of the tent


Thanks for the reply, @Mikedin! I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, so I just gave it a shot. I hope you are right and this tent fills out the way you say. It would be great to do one or two grows a year and never need to buy ever again. Your grow looks great, nice work! How much longer do you think you have before harvest?

Here are some pics from earlier today.





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@Mikedin forgot to mention, I tried putting the entire unit into the lung tent and then ran the exhaust duct out the side vent of the tent. Unfortunately, the heat of the unit was too much and it was generating as much heat as it was cooling, plus the heat of the lights and the general heat of the climate. Today and tomorrow are back in the 60s outside, but next week back to the 80s. I’m working on a way to move the unit outside and Gorilla Tape some plastic pieces to a duct that will feed into the tent, but I’m not sure how well it will work.

You also bring up a good point about the humidity… I’ll have to look at getting a dehumidifier, too

Just a quick update. Not much going on, just routine watering at 9pm with water pH’d to about 5.9-6.0 that contains 5ml/gal of Cal-Mag Plus.

These girls appear pretty healthy to me as a complete novice, so this morning I did start some very light bending of the plants, assuming this is some kind of Low Stress Training. i don’t know if this is the right way to do this, or if this is even the correct time to start this process, or if this will help an Auto-Flower in creating more Cola sites? Anyone have opinions on this?

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What do you mean by this? Bending back n forth?? If you put a fan blowing on them they’ll strengthen up stalkwise for you. When your girls have branches that are long enough to be pulled flat and reach the edges of your container use some garden wire to hold them there. This’ll make some room in the inner area of the plant and those branches will create shoots going up as colas, more bud sites. Good luck & happy growing!! :+1:t2::green_heart:


Hey, @Fieldofdreams, well, not so much actively bending them back and forth. For example, last night when I finished watering and rotating the pots, I then re-bent the green wire that I have in these fabric pots. The green wire is like a thicker version of a “Twisty-Tie”… I don’t wrap it around the plant because I’m still scared to hurt them. I basically have it wrapped around each handle of the pot and then bend the wire down into the pot to provide somewhat of a ‘resting bar’ that applies gentle, yet consistent pressure on the side of the plant in order to kind of push it in the direction I want. Here are a couple of pics from last night on my go pro. First is from shortly after closing the tent at 945pm, the second is from right before I opened my tent this morning to get my GoPro out.

~ give or take around 10pm:

Somewhere around 9 am this morning:

Otherwise, I think they look pretty healthy? When I water at night I lift the pots to feel their approx weight and they are always lighter than after watering the night before. The grow media appears to be holding on to enough moisture and I don’t see any signs of root rot. I don’t see any bugs under their leaves, but I do see what look like general gnats. Are those okay? I keep killing them when I see them, but this is in my garage so it’s nearly impossible to keep the bugs completely out of here…

Thanks for stopping by!

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@OhioIndoorGrower I’ll be lurking watching your grow show bro! :sunglasses::seedling::deciduous_tree:

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