First Time Grower with Slowness issues.... or impatient?

Congrats on the harvest also brother looks beautiful!

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Look at this tree frog I found trying to get in my garage yesterday morning!

I thought that was pretty cool. But, moving on, Here are some updated pics of Tent 2, which these girls are 75 days old as of today.

Overall, the second tent is going really well. I think I’ll probably put them under the microscope this weekend and find out how long before harvest.

The main tent is looking really nice. The oldest Gold Leaf Photoperiod is now nearing 38 inches tall, the other is getting near 34 inches, and both are really starting to grow some nice buds. :heart_eyes_cat:

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great day!

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Sorry to hear that @Graysin ! Hope you aren’t stuck there too long and you’re able to get on your road trip!

And, thank you! :pray: Hoping to store up enough to last until next year’s harvest!

Thanks @OGIncognito , @NUG61 and @Docnraq !!! This has been super exciting and couldn’t have done it without this great community! :heart:


Thanks @Latitudes ! :sunglasses:

Sorry to hear that you’re on hiatus! Good luck on your business trip this week and hopefully when you get home you’ll have some good news to report on your watering system!

Thanks again for stopping by and hope everyone has a great day! :pray: :v:

Happy to help!

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@Storm , so sorry I forgot to include you. Haven’t seen you in a while, hope you’re doing well! :pray:

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I am. Just hunkering down like everyone. Ty for asking. I hope you are well.


Picture update :


I’m super jelly balls if you’re pretties! And you’re setup! I’m growing a Wedding Cake Auto as well but from an unknown source being as I didn’t ask where he ordered them from I was just so excited to be getting everything. But I just topped my 5th node on day 25, nutes should be here tomorrow (already got told I should have nutes same day as topping) but my ppms are still at least above 1,000 (no ppm meter just test strips) as well as my plant is already producing more nodes on lower branches so I’m hoping it’s going to really bulk up and that I still have plenty of time to recover. Now if nutes don’t show up tomorrow…… imma feel real salty with myself lol but she has been praying to the sun :pray: all day after the topping so I assume she’s not too upset right now.

Also got a Blue Lights Auto I’m running with a Trifoliate mutation. She’s on day 11 herself. She definitely took her time letting her roots grow but onc edge started growing out a day or two ago she’s going fairly decent. Really looking forward to seeing how the nutes change things.


@JordabGrows thanks very much for the kind words :pray: and for stopping by. Your plants look really nice for how young they are :blush: What medium are you growing in? Size of pots? Did you start your plants in a ‘charged’ grow media?

I’ll be honest, I’ve never topped my plants, I have only done minor bending and tying down branches. All 4 of my SLH autos were less than 20 inches long. Maybe it’s a super stunty strain? My PPK are at least twice as tall… Also autos, same tents, same nute schedule, same medium, same light. Must be a strain difference. Basically, I have no idea how big your girls will get. Every seed and strain are different.

That’s great that they’ve been praying :pray:to the sun gods. I always get a smile on my face when I see that, too :relaxed: Overall, your girls look great, keep it up!

Picture update!


I just love the look of this Super Lemon Haze :


They’re so gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love pictures of cannabis in any form but just before heartbeat is by far my favorite. I obviously have no idea how far away you are but I can only assume fairly close lol.

I actually started my Wedding Cake in a 4 inch pot that allows the roots to go through it with some Dr. Earth Potting Soil. Week 2 I transplanted to a 5gal fabric pot with FFOF (didn’t account for the 1.5 inch difference from the edge of the pot to my actual dirt so I buried an inch of my stem). I also planted my Blue Lights directly into a 5gal with FFOF. I just got my FF Trio today and I fully watered my Blue Dream with Big Bloom and I just did a full watering to test my runoff for my Wedding Cake but the edges of the plant was pretty dry so I used my 1 liter pressure sprayer to water with the Big Bloom mixture and I’ll be doing a full watering with Big Bloom and Grow Big. I honestly have a budget setup but I can keep my temps between 82-84°F and 50-60% humidity.

The grow space is a 2x2 closet in which I have a B1000 Upgraded Bloomspect 1,000 Watt Blurple Light, 2 5gal fabric pots, a heater with a thermostat dial, not actually sure what size fan I have think it’s a 3 inch, and a humidifier. I keep the door cracked about 2-3 fingers wide and I slide my humidifier along the door to raid and lower the humidity.

These are tonight’s pictures.


Hey @JordabGrows , sorry for the delay in response! Yeah your plants look nice and happy! From what I can see they are nice and green and look very healthy! Nice work man! :smile:

Picture update!
Cycle 1 – 117 days old
Cycle 2 – 110 days old
Cycle 3 – 82 days old
(this is from the day I dropped the seed in the cup of water (for 24-hours), then transferred to a paper towel for a couple of days, then planted in a solo-cup for 3 weeks, before going to 5-gallon pots)

Main tent, 4 Gold Leaf plants

The older ones in the back are starting to put on some nice buds.

These two in the back are about 3 feet tall, above the fabric pot.

This one is nearing 40 inches:

I keep trying to prune leaves…

Packing on some weight:

Here is some Gold Leaf stalk porn:

For all you split-trunk lovers.

Here is tent #2:

Purple Kush Auto on the Right
Super Lemon Haze Auto on the Left

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Nailed it. :drooling_face:

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Thank you my guy. This is where we are now. Well, last night. The Wedding Cake is already bushy enough to where you can’t see any stems and the Blue Lights is a little further along with the new nodes.

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Picture update!

Hope you all have a great day! :pray:


I weighed out the rest of the plants that were hang drying. The got down to 11-12% and went into jars.

This, plus the 1.6 Oz I harvested a while back makes for a pretty good start to growing. These four plants totalled 7.6 Oz or 215 grams. :astonished: I’m shocked, completely. In a good way! Lol :rofl::sunglasses::fire::fireworks::sparkler:

And I haven’t even harvested this yet!!! :laughing: