First Time Grower with Sex and Scrog questions

First of all, thank you for letting me be part of this community. I could’ve swore I already had an account because I get emails about topics and seeds, but I guess I didn’t.

A little about me and my grow. I am a retired and 100% disabled Veteran from Missouri and got my medical and cultivator card July 1st. I have narcolepsy and severe chronic back pain so I have to grow strains with low THC or it will knock me out. I planted 12 seeds on August 3rd, 6 Harlequin and 6 AC/DC. 10 died due to overwatering, but now I have a handle on that and have 10 plants that are doing great. My wife just dropped 2 Wedding Cake, 2 Blue Dream, 1 White Widow, and 1 Peyote Gorilla.

Sealed Grow Room detail

Veg/Clone closet that is 3ft x 5ft. and my flower room is 7ft x 13ft x 7ft 4” tall.
Mini split heat pump
Autopilot CO2 regulator
2 inline carbon filter fans, one 4” and one 6” and I’m adding another 6"
Spider Farmer SF4000 Quantum board lights
Light Rail 4.0 with add a light kit
Scrog net ready and it will be put to the correct level soon.

I am trying to do as close to all natural as possible. I am using Fox Farms Ocean Forrest in 3 gallon fabric pots with Basil, Dill, Colander, and peppermint companion plants scattered around. I am using RO well water, but my PPM was 30 so I added Advanced Nutrients Cal/Mag when my leaves started showing signs of shortage.

I wanted to order feminized seeds, but ordered regular by mistake. My plants are 7 and 9 weeks old, but due to the initial overwatering of the 2 nine weeks old plants, they are the same size. They are approximately 14 inches from top of soil to the top of the canopy.

So now after all that here are my questions. I know the odds are 50/50 on regular seeds, but I think these are all female.

Can someone tell me what you think about sex?
Are they ready for Scrog training to begin and how much longer in Veg?


Cant really tell yet looks like I might have saw ome calyx but not sure

Still early but #4 looks like female.

When you SCROG, one net per plant. If you co-mingle the plants they will mature at different times and cause all kinds of trouble. FYI

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You can run sex test if you have a small unused tent where you can change to 12/12 and not affect the “mothers”. Plants do not need roots to show sex so just clip some clones and label then throw into 12/12. Some will pop pistils some will pop pollen sacs and then you’ll know

Welcome to the forum. I’m also a 100% Disabled Veteran from Nebraska. You will like Blue Dream. The best strain for pain management was one called Tora Bora. The company discontinued it. I even wrote them saying there is still plenty of us that needs a CBD strain. But no dice.

So far the plants look good. I also have deep roots in Missouri. I loved my 5 years at NWMSU in Maryville.

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Thanks for the input. I didn’t know that about the Scrog net, so I will make adjustments.

#4 is the first one that the leaves are starting to get sticky and frosty looking.

Also thanks to the rest of you, I think I’m going to set up my 4x4 tent today and take some clones to put in 12/12.

Here is another picture of #3 that I took last night.

That’s a female for shizzle

So on October 7th I took a clone of all my plants as recommended and put them in a separate tent to test them. I felt like I was safe by now and was going to put all of the donors in flower today because the location of my tent was starting to get cold, but it never got below 70 or above 76. I came out to move the clones into the flower room and move all of the donor plants to 12/12. This is what I found and I am not sure if I have Hermies, or just plain males, or if I’m wrong. I am also including the same plant time line for the last week as well as the donor plant today. These are all Harlequin from Medicine Man Seeds.

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Tops a hermie bottom looks strait male

Thanks fano_man, As I stated, I’m a rookie to the full extent, so I have one more question. Is it possible the plant is Female and I did something wrong to make it go Hermie. Just making sure if I should throw out the donor plant (which is the heartiest of them all), or wait and see what happens when I switch the lights. My wife and I have 5 different strains that are feminized seeds and I don’t want to risk all the other plants by making a rookie mistake. Thanks again

I have a theory that environmental conditions determine sex at a young age some kinda stress caused the male to go right instead of left maybe over water maybe underwater maybe barometric pressure being negative or positive in the tent fluctuations of a large range could he a multitude if things or it could simply be a one of the just male seeds ppl claim …are they purchased seed al of em

I myself have dropped a total of 25 regular seeds all germinated under optimal conditions and raised in aoptimal… and I have had not 1 male or hermie yet 10 diff strains

Yes, I purchased all my seeds. When I purchased them I thought they were femanized because the site did not say regular. When I got them and saw they weren’t labeled either way I contacted them and they fixed their website, refunded my money, but told me to keep the seeds. Being new to growing, I didn’t want to make a mistake and screw up my whole room, but I also didn’t want to wait another month to get seeds, so I planted them and depended on people like you to teach me the difference. Thank you for all your input. This is my 3 males. I took them out of the grow room yesterday and switched the rest to flower,

When ur in dark period …there is 0 speaking no light can disrupt there 12 hours of UNITERUPTED darkness is what flowers them it needs to be bitch black till the grow light illuminate them on there 12th hour of being off a lil snap shot here with a flash a lil sneak peek there can cause it