First time grower with issues NEED Help

Hello everyone, I’m currently growing 2 strains laughing Buddha and Skywalker OG having a some issues with my buds. Is it bud rot?

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Really hard to see but looks like some in the third picture.

Can you get some better pictures of that bud and the others you are questioning.

They look a little browner than the other buds. I’m just worried since my humidity has been way high for a while now trying to get it under control. Currently in day 80 of flower… pretty sure I stunted these guys but most are recovering nicely.

There are some buds that have some bud rot starting. A few pictures look good with no rot. It’s possible you may be able to cut the rot out and save some buds. I’ll let others with more experience pipe in.

Would definitely do a bud wash at harvest if you are able to save it.

Good luck.

@Kwizical how high has your humidity been? Does it have an odor to it or does it feel like it could come of the bud easily? Normally with my experience bud rot will kinda crumble off the bud.

70-80% no smell, just browning.

@Kwizical I agree it does look like some bud rot. I was able to break my bud rot off and did a bud was at my harvest just to be sure no residue was still on the other buds. Humidity needs to come down to around in the 40s for the stage you are at right now. Let us know if you need anything else.

Best get a small dehumidifier… How’s the heat? Fans? 70-80 is way high… This time of the yr usually get low. Mines around 40 at the moment and that’s with a humidifier running… Rather be a tad low then high in my experience :grimacing:

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