First time grower with guidance

Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking for quite a while and finally decided to try my hand at home growing. I have a friend who’s already an established home grower who has helped me get set up and provided a lot of good information.
I’m using a 2x2 GreenHauser tent I found on amazon.
A 250 watt light that was recommended to me.

Currently trying a feminized Lemon Cake seed from Heavyweight Seeds. Along with a Cheese clone that was donated to me by my friend after I killed my first seedling due to my own ignorance.

I’d originally intended on doing 1 plant at a time but took the clone because I wasn’t sure how my second seedling would do. Now that they’re both seemingly doing well I can see I’ll have a dilemma once they veg out and the time comes to flower.

I’m also trying to determine how to work my fan into the grow space to keep air circulating on the plants. Now that I’ve gotten the tent assembled I’m thinking I should have gone larger.

Also wanted to add that I’ll be growing in coco as it was recommended to me.

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Welcome to the community ! Looking good. The big one is ready for a transplant.


You’re in the right place for information. I’m a handful of weeks into my first grow with real equipment. The 2x2 is way smaller than I thought it would be. I’ve seen some really beautiful pictures around here of people pulling surprising yields out of small spaces.

I just ordered a wicked upgrade light. A bigger tent will likely be next! Good luck

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Wanted to post an update. Things are coming along nicely. Clone has been replanted and doing well and the lemon cake seedling continues to grow.

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Thought I’d post an update since it has been a while. We’ve come a long way in the 2-3 months I’ve been going.

I upgraded to a 3x3 tent to use as a flower tent and have been using my existing 2x2 as a veg tent with a spider farmer sf1000.

In the picture here on the left is the clone I started with who’s about half way through her 4th week of flower. On the right is the lemon cake who I’ve just placed into the flower tent today.

I’ve also got an ilgm zkittles in the veg tent behind these but it’s got a good while before it’ll need to flower. I’d like to thank everyone for the wealth of knowledge that has been posted here. It’s been an endless source of information and entertainment.

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