First time grower with clawing and browning issue

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Day 29
Happy frog
Watering when pots are light and dry
Ph on point
Lst started about a week ago
Started cal mag + when one of my plants I realized had a Deficiency due to ro water
Sp3000 at 20 inches at 75%
Rh 40%
Temps run 75 to 78
Tons of air flow with 2 clip fans, exhaust and vented at bottom to pull in new air
I’m concerned with some clawing I’m getting and I’m not sure why
Is it the cal mag problem that I’m trying to get them recovered from or something else?
Nitrogen problem?

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I have this same issue going on with one of my outdoor
girls. Really hope you get some input as it’s driving this old gal crazy.

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Looks like too much nitrogen, skip a feeding or 2 see what happens.


So the next time I water should I flush heavy, that’s what you do with a nitrogen excess right? They seem to be growing well.
Should I be worried about not giving them bloom nutes since they are swinging into flower? Could the lst cause this?

I’m an old gal too😂
I’m in Virginia so I’m really excited and I’m trying to do it right. I don’t really need huge yield just quality.


It’s likely nitrogen toxicity, It could be from some other stress, causing them to drink more, which will result in excess nitrogen. Heat and wind stress can cause similar reactions.

Don’t flush unless you have too, or your nute regimen calls for it. Always water to runoff ph and tds the runoff so you can track the levels. Your tds of runoff is a great way to tell when your plants are hungry.
Ph on point? Can you be more specific?
Calmag has nitrogen in it. Usually 2-0-0 TPS nutes is 4-0-0 for Calmag. Maybe too much Calmag? How much did you use?

Watering at 6.4
I’ve given 5 ml cal mag + two times in the last week in a gallon of ro water
They seem to be growing really well. Should I go back to just water? If so ,how long and will the flowering suffer

Good. If using soil, you can go a lil higher @ 6.8. I’ve seen it recommended to fluctuate between 6 and 6.8 but only that you should, not why or when you should. lower for hydro and coco but I’m not versed in those methods at all. If your lights not too low, your plants aren’t over or under watered then it’s likely nitrogen. As suggested try water only for a couple waterings, then resume feeding. Those leaves that are clawed will not return to normal. You will need to watch for new growth to determine if the issue is resolved.

No, unless the problem persists. Fear not, Marijuana is extremely resilient.

This plant had similar issues. She is best in tent!


Your magnesium, phosphorus and calcium needs peek during flower and those are all absorbed best at a pH higher than 6.5 so a lot of growers will raise the pH in flower.
It looks like high nitrogen. The GSC looks like she needs magnesium, high nitrogen leads to an increase need for magnesium. It looks like some she has some tip burns from high ppms? How’s your run offs?
Hopefully these charts help



Helped me. Thnx @GreenJewels

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I know this is old but it popped up as new for me, so I’m gonna comment.

So towards end of flower you can up ph. Which is why I recommend watering all the time at 6.8. Which if you track your pH you should be watching it climb(in soil) in the last 4-6 weeks.

If you want to play around…

put your ph at 10 after week 8 (or when you stop feeding)
next water normal
next watering 6.0
normal watering
ph 10

Or just completely random. I guess it can influence weird traits that are buried in the genetics. I haven’t done it myself but I will be. Hopefully influence color or other weird shi*. Like I said, it’s an experiment, LOL

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How did the experiment go? Any changes good or bad with the ph fluctuations?