First time grower with autoflower seeds

I need help with my first ever grow. I have autoflower seeds that I hope to start the Germinating this week but not sure about a couple things
Basic info
I live in Los Angeles with about 13 1/2 of sun daily and average temp this tim of year is in the 70’s. I currently am planning of using happy frog soil and will have outside in a pot to grow.
My questions are as follows

  1. Do I need a PH product for my water? My place has hard water so I’m guessing at the very least ill need to use distilled water?
  2. I also was wondering about plant food and products similar to them. First time growing anything so do I need to add anything additional to the soil?
    I have already purchased Foxfarm trio of products
    Grow Big (plant food), Big bloom plant food as well as buds and bloom fertilizer. I’m not sure if I need to use any or all of these products.
  3. Lastly, this one I may figure out on my own but a little help first wouldn’t hurt. How much water should a newly Planted seed need when watered? I’m using a 3 gallon pot.
    Any info will be much appreciated

With seedlings i use a spray bottle to water it. They need very little water. Just mist the top of the soil by the stem amd if ur gonna use fox farms nutrients u need to buy ph up and down and ph pen cause its very acidic but dont need to feed it till after several weeks. Fox farms is good but gotta make sure ur keep the ph around 6.5 and if u do use distilled u need to buy cal/mag to add to what it doesnt have. I use distilled water and i always add cal/mag to it and make sure my ph is around 6.5

I’m having trouble getting my northern light autos to germinate. Been soaking in a glass of water 24 hrs then paper towel for 16 to 18 hrs more. No tap root. Just got these seeds and already lost 1 this will be 2 can someone help