First Time Grower - White Widow - See My Journey - Help Me Out?

I also set up my SCROG tonight (Day 41). I think it’s time to start getting my plants to grow outwards instead of continuing upwards. I also topped them. Maybe this is late in the game to be topping? But I want to try and have more distributed larger colas. A part of me wanted to just let it grow without SCROGing for this first grow, to have something to reference for the next grow. I’ve read that you can get pretty decent yields even with one main cola and all the little popcorn buds. But, at any rate, I went ahead with my planned SCROG. I’ve been trying to implement as much as I can on this first grow. Just to see how good of a yield I can get, even as a total noob!

My bigger plant to the right is at about the max height I want for veg (18" from the light). Getting 600PAR now at the highest part. I might trim the top down bit more, or try raising my light and the SCROG just a bit. I wanted to cut the top down a little more to even out the canopy, but I was afraid to cut through the thick stock (maybe almost 1cm where I wanted to cut it).

So, the more I read, the more I am convinced that I’ve been under feeding, as indicated by the low run-off EC. I’ve watered a bunch with the new solution to try and raise it but it goes through a lot of solution. So I’ll be mixing up a new batch today with a higher nutrient content.

Here’s the nute schedule I’ve been using from and it’s worked really well, up until my plants started growing more aggressively I think. I figure at this point the solution just became too weak.

I’m using all the supplements, or similar ones, at the recommended doses, with the exception of no SM-90 (couldn’t find it) or H202 (don’t need it).

Day 44:

Doing Some LST with the SCROG. Have also lollipopped the bottom leaves.

A few of the nutrient problems that have emerged.