First Time Grower - White Widow - See My Journey - Help Me Out?

Been wanting to do this for years! Finally got started. I think doing an online journal like this will be a great way to track my grow, share and get feedback. Looking forward to sharing.

Currently, I’ve sprouted my seeds, using paper towel method. Transferred to Jiffy Pellet. And now into my seedling bags, in a coco perlite mix. My little babies are just going in to day 5.

I’m using a 2 x 4 x 5 Vivosun tent, with carbon filter / exhaust, Mars SP250 LED light. I’ve got a humidity and heat controller. Currently only making use of the humidity one to run my cool mist vaporizer. Heat controller is mostly just letting me know my temperature for now.

Using GH Micro, Grow, and Bloom.

Here’s a few pics:

Day 2 of Germination:

2 Days in Jiffy Pellets:

Beginning of Day 4 as Seedlings:


auto or photo?

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Photo. Feminized seeds.

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Welcome to an awesome community!!
Happy Growing!!

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Beginning Day 5 of Seedling:

Is it normal to have the new leaves be lighter in color than the cotyledons?

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yes it is

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My seedling “fertigation station”:

QUESTION: When are my seedlings no longer seedlings?

My nutrient schedule I’m following calls week #1 seedling, and then the nutrient dosage is upped for week 2 for “early veg” and so on.

My second set of true leaves are out but small, not on to the third set yet.

Am I good to go for moving into my new nutrient mix starting tomorrow?

UPDATE: Found my answer.

Day 13: How are they looking? Feedback appreciated !

I see a slight bit of “waffling” in the leaves today. Could it be heat or light? I recently bumped light up to 420ppfd. Humidity is around 68. Temp around 27C.

Day 15:

Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of people that will help you hear. The nices group of people I meet in a long time. Good Luck.
Your plants look good.

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Thanks Irishlady269 ! My plants bring me joy every day. Happy with how things are going so far. Agreed, great community. :slightly_smiling_face: Are you growing something right now?

Been a while since I’ve updated. Here are my ladies on Day 26.

What do you think about their different genetics? One is so bushy and tight, and the other with massive leaves that spread out more.

The bushy one is currently 6.5 inches tall while the bigger plant is about 7.5 inches tall.

I have wondered if I gave them too strong of a light early on. Should they be taller? I really want to be able to spread them out later with a SCROG net. They just seem so dense and short. Or do you think they will branch out more soon?

Also, I just moved them from their 1 gallon pots to the final 5 gallon pots just 3 days ago.

One more thing! What about pruning? I clipped a couple of leaves the other day, a couple of the original smaller leaves to try and make some space underneath. Other than that it seems to early to do anything else, no?

My ladies are 1 month old today! (31 days):

They are 9 and 10.5 inches tall and looking good.

They have grown up to be 20.5 and 20 inches away from light source, receiving 490 and 530 PAR, currently.

I read that veg for white window can be up to 8 weeks, so they have plenty of time to keep filling out, I think. And the SCROG doesn’t need to go in until near veg apparently.

Comments? Advice??

Day 38:

May ladies are looking good ! Growing strong.

One issue though, I see a few spots emerging. I’ve had a low EC in my run-off for about a week now. EC-in is around 1250 and run off has steadily decreased, now down to 400! I think girls are taking up all the nutes? So I’m going to try a larger volume today to get the EC back up. Maybe I could increase the concentration of feed mix?

Do these spots look like a low nutrient problem to you? There are only 3 spots so far over both plants, at least as i can see.

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boy those white widow are bushy right. My tent lokos like jumanji lol. the spots. I had some spots pop up. could be water droplet burn on the leaves. be sumthin else. The pros will be here Soon I image to sort it out.

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Thanks for the comments. Yeah, i thought of nutrient droplets at first. But now I got some yellowing tips and more spots. I started thinking nute burn, so I flushed yesterday with tap water, pH’d to 6.0.

Today I noticed also some leaves that are cracking / seem brittle. I’m now thinking it may be a calcium deficiency caused by too low of a pH in my nutrient solution. I’ve been using 5.9 and sometimes 5.8. Seems like I should get it up to 6.2 or even 6.3 for better calcium absorption. So, I’m going to try that. I just went back to watering with nutrients this afternoon, and used a pH of 6.2.

Here are the spots and such that I’m seeing:

FYI, the more “cracked up” leaves are at the bottom where I water so have taken some abuse. But the “minor cracking” is higher up where there should not have been any physical movement to damage them like that.

Notice also, a leaf that has grown with some deformation. The first one where you see my thumb in the picture.

Another strange thing that may be relevant is that my run-off EC had started dropping as my plants really began to grow. My feed water was about 1250 EC. And run-off EC dropped over about a week or so steadily down to 300 - 400. Any idea if this could be related anyone?

Yellowing tips: