First time grower - White Widow - Buds Look small for week 6

Hey all,

I am growing weed for the first time and am unsure if my buds are tiny for being late into week six or on track? I am growing White Widow Autoflower in a 5-gallon coco-coir grow bag. I am using General Hydroponics Micro and Bloom with CalMag to feed the plant for the entire cycle. Grown under Kingbo1000 (Burple light) until this Monday (08/21), then I replaced it with a Spider-Farmer 2000. I live in NorCal in an old house w/o AC, so the temps have been high in the grow tent (71F in the nights to 90F during the day). I have started keeping it open to lower the temps by a few degrees. Humidity also fluctuates from 35 – 48. I do have a humidifier coming this week. I am a bit nervous/unsure if I did something wrong that I can learn from for my next grow.

Rough Feed Schedule (source: FromSeedtoStoned YT Channel)
Week 1: No nutrients just water

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That plant looks like it’s in its 3rd week of flower. You sure your 6 weeks into flower?

Sorry, new to the growing lingo so I may have goofed up. The plant is sixth weeks old from germination, You are correct it is in it’s third week of flowering since it started flowering in it’s fourth week from germination.

I saw flowers eight weeks under the description an assumed it would be done in eight weeks … haha now I am guessing it takes 8 weeks to flower?

Thanks for responding and helping!

Autos can be very unpredictable. First off…totally ignore what ever time frame you were told by the breeder/seed supplier. maybe under perfect conditions in a laboratory…but more times than not, autos go longer than advertised by breeder. Sometimes way longer. I’m growing 3 dreamberry autos and 3 amnesia autos. The seed bank said they would be ready on 70-75 days, seed to harvest. Ironically tomr is day 70. I only have one that is close. She will be ready in about 10 days. Three of them will be ready in about 4 weeks. And 2 of them are being stubborn and just not started flowering good. But anyway…back to your story. I agree with @imSICKkid before I even read his comment I was thinking the same thing, as in it looks like you just started flowering. And be lucky she started flowering in week 3. As I said my last to to turn was almost 9 weeks old. And I’ve read stories on here where growers have stated it has taken even longer. Autos will flower when they want.! But your plant is looking pretty good. Just keep doing what your doing and sit back and watch her buds swell :grin:. Just some advise…but see if you can’t open her up a bit. Pull back and secure some of those bigger side branches. It will open up the middle and shed light and air movement to all the bud sites. I can’t give ya much help with your nutes, as I don’t use that brand. But it looks good…keep following their recommendation feeding schedule. And as long as your runoff’s ph and ppms are good then keep doing what your doing. Those buds will fatten up nicely. I just smoked my buddies latest harvest of midnight diesel. So sorry for the rambling. Good luck with your first grow. Stick around here and you will learn some great info, theres some great world class growers doing some amazing work. And they all are willing to help out us newer growers. Just remember that when you yourself become a season veteran grower. They took the time to teach us…so I always try to take the time to help out when I can. At least I like to think I’m helping. Lol. Oh, and btw… welcome to the community :+1:


Welcome Gambit. The times listed are weeks of flowering, not growing. That is a common misconception that I think the seed companies could do a better job explaining.

Keep in mind that eight weeks of flowering is usually a minimum. Some can go ten weeks or more, it depends on genetics and environment. You know when you are getting close when those big white pistils stop growing and turn dark. Once they darken you have about a three week window where the type of buzz changes slightly. When you get to that point ask again, plenty here to help you out if you are uncertain.

I know how disappointed you may be at this moment, so close, and yet so far, I know I was when I first found out.

The good news is that they have considerably more time to grow and fatten up. The bigger the better.

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And just my opinion…but great move on the light upgrade. Just be careful in your distance away from canopy. There is no certain distance you should keep your lights with LED. Every light and manufacture is different. The diodes May be different, angle of the beam, thickness of the glass…and so on. So IMO. Start off lights farther away from canopy and bring then bring it in closer to find the sweet spot. Also…the 90 degrees is getting little too warm. But the humidity levels may not be off too much. You said you were getting humidifier, be careful not to get too high during flowering. It will promote fungus and bud rot. High humidity when seedling and clones…then lower the humidity as you go through the grow. I have my humidity controller set to keep my level at 45%. Some growers on here go even lower.

@NugFlush paying it forward with information! Man that’s great! @Gambit welcome to the forum. This is a great group. If you have questions just ask. @CMichGrower has got you covered, and nug has also given you some good info too. On nug’s note, go ahead and start cutting some leaves to give some of the lower buds some light. It will not hurt the plant. Its normal for some of the lower leaves to yellow and die off. You can cut them off. Your plant looks really good!

Yea msnl claims their fastest autos take 60- 65 days(8.5-9.5 weeks) total under perfect conditions you can usually tack on 2 weeks as a beginner

Ain’t that what we need to do @patchman…pay if forward? I was taught by someone who took the time to teach me, probably cuz someone taught them and then they were paying it forward by helping me. So why break the chain…? Lol. It only right to help out others when yourself at one time needed help. And that goes for all in life…not just growing our own meds. I guess it’s just a bunch of good ol boys…and girls, enjoying growing and consuming this wonderful plant. And wanting to pass along their knowledge to the next gen of growers. Cannabis users are some of the most helpful, considerate, honarable…down right good people I’ve ever come across in my years. Of course their is exception to every rule…but you get my point. People say they want world peace…give everybody a bag of top shelf cannabis and we’d be halfway there. lol. Sorry…I’ve feeling like this is becoming my soapbox. Lol. I don’t want to get off topic, as we need to stay on task and help out @Gambit. But I wanted to say to you @patchman. I wanted to send you a private message but I do t even know if we can do that in here. But I read you’re profile. And not to get all korny…but it literally brought a tear to my eye. I lost my mom 12 years ago to breast cancer (she was only 58) and I love hearing stories about people beating that horrible disease. Great frucking job brother(fist bump) That’s awesome. And it’s awesome people like yourself can finally have access to the meds that helps them. I’m in Missouri and we just now went legal this year(finally :partying_face:) So cannnabis wasn’t an option for my mom…not saying I could of got her to fire up. Lol. But I knew back then…there was a way better alternative for her. Cannabis may have not saved her life…but I know it would of given her a few more years and a way better way of life. Cancer didn’t kill her…the chemo and radiation did. They put a poison in her body in order to kill a poison. Now that’s messed up. I truly believe cannabis is our answer to beating cancer. But I think a lot of us believe that. So @patchman. My hats off to you and much respect for going several rounds with cancer and coming out a victor. Stay healthy…stay medicated and good luck to you in the garden :grin::+1: sorry @Gambit for getting off topic, I promise we’ll get ya squared away.:grin:


Looks about right for an auto at 6 weeks. The “8 weeks seed to harvest” ad copy is just that, ad copy. You’re right on track.

Nug I hope you did not get the wrong impression when I wrote that you were paying it forward. It made me smile when I read it and warmed my heart (sorry yall- should have called korny alert). I am now starting to see more people that I reached out to try to help who are now helping others. Korny Alert!! If our world was full of people like the ones in this group, it would be a much better place to live. My apologies to @Gambit- we are logging on your thread. Just a couple of hippies under the influence of marijuana,lol. Gambit have fun growing and don’t get stressed out about anything. We will help you if you need it man. Have a good one everybody!!


Didn’t get the wrong impression at all…took it as a compliment :+1:. Sorry if i made it seem like I took it the wrong way. Same problem me and my ex wife had…so hard to read tone or meaning of a text sometimes. lol, Maybe that’s why she’s my ex. Jk.

Thank you all for the words of wisdom and help! I am glad I found a community where I can ask all my newbie questions. I am very new to marijuana and all thing related to it but a sibling of mine has health issues and well this is the only thing that helps. I have been assisting with buying it so she could function but the costs from a dispensary are getting to be too much. A nice man at one of the store we go said we should just grow it b/c it would be far cheaper, so here I am :). All my info so far has come from YouTube and watching grow guides so I apologize if I am completely off base.

@NugFlush - thank you SF-2000 was in my budget and had great reviews. So from what I read they said to have the light 20 inches above the canopy is that too low for this light? I have a 2x4x6 grow tent how high do you think I should go? As for the heat unfortunately I can’t do anything right now as an AC is out of my budget and with fall around the corner the temps should drop.

@CMichGrower - Thank you, no, not disappointed at all more relieved I thought we were gonna get a really small harvest!

@patchman - Thank you, will do!

So @Gambit do you just have the one plant? 2x4 tent seems kind of small to me. But hey…if that’s what your budget is, then by all means we will make it work. That might be why it’s staying hot in the tent, try leaving the flap open for a bit and seee if that done help. But like u said…lower temps soon will def help. I have a sf 2000 and I’m very pleased, so much that next grow I’m going to get another one. But I’m in a 5’x6’x8’ grow room with 6 plants. 20” might be about right for height, maybe try 24” and if she doesn’t freak out the bring it few inches closer every few days. But I wouldn’t get closer that 12” for sure. They say you can get closer during flowering, but you may just have to play with it till you get used to the light, trust me…if the light is too close. She will tell ya. lol. The health condition of the plant will also play a factor. I got little light burn on mine from what I thought was just the light being to close. But my ph was off a little, and my girls were getting a little sick and weak due to being lockout of nutes. I thought it was just from the lights so I kept moving them…only to find this didn’t cure the problem. Once I fixed the real problem…I was able to move the lights back closer than what I even had them before. Proving they never would of gotten light burn if they weren’t little weak and sick. Your girl looks good so far…so hopefully you will be good to go with the new light…you’re going to love it. Best wishes for you and your family. Hopefully we can get you a good harvest and have plenty of meds for your sibling. Keep the questions coming…lots of people here that love to help. Plus we all are addicted to growing…so we love talking about growing, lol :grin::+1:

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Looks like it is on track to me. Here is a WWA on day 43

And again on day 87, a week or so before harvest

It was a small plant. Maybe 16-18" but I threw a lot of light at it, right around 320 watts including side light. Dried and cured 3 oz.


8 weeks to, flower. :smile: :sob: I feel your pain here at week 9 WW

Sometimes external factors can prevent marijuana plants from flowering properly. Don’t worry, we have a guide on our website about what to do when your marijuana plants won’t flower.

You can find more information on how to speed up the flowering of outdoor marijuana plants here.

We recommend you to read both links because they have some useful tips and tricks that you might want to try yourself!

@dbrn32 support wild with the 3 year reply :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah. Clogs the feed and is actually helping no one when replying to years old posts. It’s a waste of their time and ours.

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