First time grower, which lights

I’m researching for my first indoor or any grow, and was wondering if a 1,000 watt HPS/MH light is too strong for a 3x3x72 tent. it comes with both bulbs. or is a full spectrum LED better for first timer. From my research it seems that a MH is best for a larger grow and yield

Sorry HPS/MH is dimmable to 600 and 400 Watts

The led will throw off a lot less heat and use way less power something like this would be great in that tent i have two there great . Viparspectra 600w

Thanks Rexx

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1000 watt hid too big for that. 600 is pushing it, but can be done. You would most likely want an air cooled hood there. 400 watt probably most common an manageable in 3x3.

It’s adjustable 1,000-600-400 so if I set it at 400 watts I should be ok.

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My understanding is the 600 watt is more efficient than the 1,000 watt FYI.

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I’m really behind on what’s out there for hid and how it works. But I feel like doing so causes a spectral shift that’s not in your favor, and creates more waste heat. All we’re saying is that you can get a lighter better suited for your space, most likely at lower cost.

You’re obviously free to do as you please, sounds like your mind was already made up.

Your right, I should have asked before ordering. well a couple of grows it’ll pay for itself and I’ll retire it.

No biggie. Putting it in a bigger space would be a good option too. If and when the time comes anyway.

personally I would go with viparspectra