First time grower. What did I do wrong?

Hello everyone. This is my first grow attempt. I started 6 seedlings from ILGM (3 Super Silver Haze and 3 Purple Haze). I started them in a propagation dome under a Bloom Plus 3000 turned all the way down to the lowest wattage setting and set about 30 inches above the plants. All of them looked perfect until I woke up one day and all but one were wilted, leaves dried and stems looked shriveled. The PH of my water is around 6.3, I added 3ml Clonex and about a half teaspoon of Great White mycorrhiza to a water bottle and watered the first week. Week 2 I just used plain water. My temps range from 77-81F during the day and 73-78 at night with a RH between 45-60. In the pictures provided, I tried to place a couple in soil to see if that might but That didn’t seem to help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Rapid rooters look pretty dry… same with the soil.


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I was concerned about that. I was watering them about once a week (5 or so days apart). I am worried about overwatering and trying to learn the timing of my watering. I know each plant is different but I am curious as to why the one looks so good and the turned out the way they did? Would you say these are done?

One may have had longer roots to seek out more water. The brown ones have passed on, however, you can try watering more often to see if they really are done. I would not keep much hope though.

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Probably more important than light exposure. At seedling stage is especially difficult. Have you tried covering with clear bowl or cup? That will help keep soil moist and raise humidity. New sprouts get moisture direct from the air while roots develop.

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I had them in a germination dome for the first week and a half or so then I removed it once they each were about 1.5 inches.

I ended up starting 4 more Tuesday. How long should they stay inside of the dome? Also, should the vents on the dome be open or closed to trap humidity?

Stay under dome until they outgrow it. Closed for high humidity and keep it misted if necessary.


Ok, I will close the vents when I get back home today and I’ll also spray down the dome lid to work on increasing that humidity. Thank you for the guidance!

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Humidity! When you remove the dome, humidity drops. Seedlings need that high humidity.

Referencing what the others are writing about humidity here, I was nervous mine would kind of drown under the dome too, but it was quite the opposite, they thrived! You can leave them under the dome for quite a while. They’ll only grow more roots leading to a more successful transplant.

It’s harder to overwater. Underwatering is one of the biggest problems for new growers. And I’ve only successfully completed two grows haha. So I’m no pro. But they bounce back hard from an overwater and struggle to thrive without it!

Certainly want to try water more often, but with less water. I use 250ml (1 cup) every 2 maybe 3 days per seedling, under a light in warmer months, (Australian warm weather). And in cooler weather, only when the soil looks dry on top and the pots are really light. Maybe every 3 or 4 days. Never 5 though. I think that’s letting the soil dry out. Which can lead to ‘channels’ in the soil. Where the water doesn’t spread evenly throughout the soil mix.

The soil looks too thick too, maybe leading to poor watering, maybe try adding more Coco Coir and more Perlite to the mix :blush:

Here’s a screenshot for reference of a recent grow of mine which was my best yet. There’s plenty of info out there about good soil blends for a grow. Less potting mix and more of the other stuff is generally safer.

Don’t give up! Took me about 6 goes to get a successful attempt! You’ll get it eventually :cowboy_hat_face:

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I started another round of seeds and used the advice that i was given on this thread and it has made a world of difference. In a week alone, the new seedlings that I have kept under the dome already look way better than the first ones that I started at the one week point. I definitely am not giving up and am using this grow as a huge learning experience. I feel like I have already learned so much in just the past month alone. Your plant looks really good by the way! Thank you for the tips!