First time grower w.w. auto outdoors

I need to know what to use for medium and size grow bag. Any other useful info.

Here’s what I do, and it’s simple. Get some fox farm happy frog soil, and solo cups. Fill a cup with soil, and moisten the soil. Plant the seed directly into the soil (not very deep), spray a little water on it to settle the seed, and stick a baggie over the top to make a little greenhouse. Keep it warm, and it should break ground in about 3 or 4 days. Stick it under your light on low power, and don’t water until bone ass dry. When the leaves get as wide as the cup, transplant into a 5 gal fabric pot of happy frog mixed with perlite and fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 per the instructions on the package. Then top dress with the fruit and flower after about 6 weeks. Then once a month after that if necessary, and that’s it other than ph’ing your water. I also mix some worm castings in when I’m filling my pots. Good luck.


Thanks, as soon as I pick up some I’ll start germinating my future babies.

Almost forgot, they sent the wrong seeds. I’ll be growing Tangie-Matic.

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I’ve got 2 seedlings growing now 1 Temple kush Photo not sure yet M/F and 1 Green Crack auto growing outdoors in soil/solo cups. The tk is bigger than the auto. Both are healthy but I think I overheated the auto. If so how bad will it effect the harvest?

I need some advice please, I have 2 seedlings growing outdoors the photo T-K is doing great but the auto GC is not growing at all hardly. I’m pretty sure I got it too hot but it’s still looks healthy,green leaves but only 2” tall. I don’t put it in the direct sunlight when it’s above 80* anymore but it’s not making any difference. Suggestion’s?

Update on the Temple Kush + Green Crack both are doing good about 6” + Transplanted to 5gl.Fabric pots per your advice.