First Time Grower, using unknown cuttings what could go wrong

Hi all,

Disclaimer - Total novice

Right so I have been smoking for years and wanted to grow rather than keep buying, so I’ve sorted myself a little set up, then I found you guys and have been reading up.

Initially for my first grow was going to be 2/3 Green Poison Autos I purchased from a local seedbank. But last night in comes a big spanner and I got 17 unknowns dropped in my lap. All I know about these cuttings are that they are photos, that’s it, sorry.

I know we’ll never know the strain but any ideas on their rough age?

Can someone confirm what age you can sex? as I suspect there could be males amongst them.

Is there much difference from Autos to Photos?, obviously I know that autos have a set time line and photos listen to the light.

I have not been doing much reading up on photo’s as I was going to cut my teeth on autos, light cycle wise I was thinking of 18/6 then flip to 12/12.

My Light is a 600w omega Dual Spectrum and I also have a Dual 450w CFL light I can put in, would you recommend using both?

I Also have x2 400w HPS bulbs to use if needed.

Other info

I am growing in soil, feeding with PH’d tap water, and the nutes I am using are ADV Nutrients (Grow,Bloom,Mirco)

I can upload images later when I’m home.

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You will have to grow the seeds and then you will know what sex they are.

Welcome to the community. :+1:

Cuttings are taken from a (more or less) mature plant so as soon as they are fully rooted you should be able to determine sex.

You want roughly 50 watts per square foot from the plug. That should be your metric without any of us knowing your setup.

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Cheers, I’ll have a look and take some pictures for you guys.

My set up is only small, circa 5ft long, 4ft high and about 2ft deep. so working on that basis I have more than enough light.

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the delay guys, I had an argument with storm Dennis on my motorbike and lost with a dislocated shoulder, with things have been a bit up in the air as you can imagine.

Update on the plants,
I unfortunately had to throw what I couldn’t grow and the 8 I chose are growing well and growing fast with my setup and feeding.

Also forgot to mention that they were transplanted from cups last Tuesday. They were late being put in to bigger pots due to my shoulder, but since they have been moved they have gone from strength to strength.

A few more pics

This is how sorry for themselves they looked on transplant day.

This is what they looked like yesterday.

Can someone confirm what this is please?

I know the PP one over the back is very young, but what do you guys estimate to be the age of the rest?


Those little white “hairs” are female preflowers, so that one is a girl. My clones are probably around that size a couple weeks after roots develop, but my plants and clones grow really fast, yours could easily be 2 to 3 times that age (from rooting).

Thanks hellraiser, thought so.

The last photo with the discoloured leaf, Does any know what this is?

This is how they are looking this morning.

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Looking really well overall have you splashed them when watering at all? I have a similar looking leaf on one of my plants that came from foiliar spraying them and it didn’t totally evaporate so when lights came on it’s just burnt it up

Hi Budz,
Thanks mate yeah it is entirely possible, I’ll just be a little more careful when watering.

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Yeah, seems isolated to the leaf, not the plant, I’d pluck the damaged leaves off and not worry about it unless it starts affecting other leaves.

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Ok cool, thanks. I’ll do that tonight.

Question, at what age can/should you top?

I wait til I have 5-6 real nodes (leaf sets) not counting the first set of cotyledon round leafs. This will ensure you have good root development and the plants will quickly get over it and get back to growing. I usually cut between the 2nd and 3rd node if I want 4 main colas, or cut between the 3rd and 4th to get 6 colas, etc…

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They’ve been growing well, and I’m sure most would have done it sooner but last night they were topped, well I hope it’s a top and not a FIM lol, you tell me. :crossed_fingers:t3:

They were topped 24hrs ago.

Checked in and they sure didn’t like it. I know it’s a shock to their system but is this normal?

Also noticed that some of the leaf tips are curling under, can someone tell me why? I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that this a deficiency?

They also look like a fair few of the leaves look like they are closing, is this the plants reaction to topping?