First time grower. Unsure of progress

Hi! I am a first time grower in the tropics. I’ve had some issues with heat and humidity control, but I’m pretty happy with my first two ladies. What I dont know is if they are doing well for their age or not. I flipped them to 12/12 on 9/20/19. What week would that put me in of flower? No actual flowers emerged for about 1.5-2 weeks. I thought I was almost on week 5 but am I really only on week 3? I am concerned because my buds dont look fat like they do on the website for week 5. Can someone reassure me? Or tell me what, if anything, I can fix? I am running a chocolope and a super silver haze. 2 fluence Ray 22s and a Mars Hydro 600 for lighting!



Your plants appear to be on track, nicely done and very nice plants.
Be patient, they will fatten up, they are just starting to flower.

You will have some really nice bud in 6 - 7 weeks.

Oh yeah, I forgot - Welcome to the ILGM forum @Virgingrower2019.
Thanks for the reminder @kellydans, my social skills are a bit weak.


I vote with my friend.@merlin44 on track keep up the good work. Also welcome to the community


First let me welcome you, and exactly what @merlin44 said you’re plants look on track and looking good! Be patient! Happy growing gromie! :grin:


welcome! they look LOVELY. i think i posted the exact same thing a few months ago during my first grow. the first week and a half or two weeks after flip are stretch and preflower. folks start counting flowering from the time they form the little “buttons”. so many things add to the time frame that they don’t tell you in the beginning… they look great, keep up the good work!


They look great. Very on track for week three. You’re going to love how they fatten up next month.




Looking good so far. :+1:


I agree with everyone above your doing great and welcome to the best place you can be!! :+1::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Looks great they have plenty of time to fatten up Your node spacing looks great it should fill out wonderful

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plant looks good. keep doing same. might back off the amount of fluids just a bit. let it dry out a little…think that will “cure” the problem.

Gorgeous! Looks like they are going to fill out nicely!:sunglasses:

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