First Time Grower (Unsure about Germination/Seedling Stage)

Awesome! Thanks again!

@Spiney_norman is on point with all his info. You are in good hands.

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Thanks again for all the help!
@MrPeat @Spiney_norman @VTGROW

I have my PH and TDS meters and a hygrometer on the way now. Once these arrive, I believe that I’m good to go ahead and start germinating and begin the process! I’m going to start a grow journal to document the grow in the coming week. I appreciate all the help you guys have been and I’m very thankful to have people to help me throughout this grow.

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Having those will help you achieve a successful grow. Me…I’m crazy. I don’t do jack other than add nutrients, water, Cal-mag and sugar. I do have a pH meter that is supposed to be here tomorrow. Just curious to see where the pH of our water is.

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For sure! I’ve been researching everything I could for a couple months now (I’m a heavy bookworm) So I have a basic understanding of PH, NPK, CalMag, etc. But it will be very nice to have some real experts on these things help me out.

I have seen a lot of growers using Sugar, Honey, Molasses, etc. What are the purpose of adding these to the soil?

I add molasses during the latter 2/3 of flowering. It adds potassium, minerals, and sugars. The sugars also help feed beneficial bacteria in your soil.


Sugar is what helps the plant to grow. Royal Queen Seeds has a article you can read about sugar. I use Sugar in the Raw. The way it was explained to me it will help fatten up the flowers. This came from a old school grower.


Sweet! Royal Queen Seeds is where I did a lot of my research at. I found their blog to be incredibly helpful. I will definitely look into that!

Its a pretty easy search to find it through Google. Leafly has good information as well. Ut the info here is hard to beat.

Is it something that usually gets added just during the flowering stage or do some use it throughout veg too?

I do it during flowering to finish. I don’t believe Veg matters as all its doing is producing leaves.

I gotcha! I’ll have to do some more research into that and then figure out if it’s something I want to experiment with.

Haha, that is what I have been noticing about this site. Leafly, while sometimes they had good info, I found a lot of contradictory articles on there that confused a newbie like me who reads everything he can find.

This website has by far been the best resource I’ve found yet. It’s been very nice to actually have people to talk to and ask questions.

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I grow way different than most. I let my plants go wild. The only sucky part is when they have dried and need a trim. Way to time consuming so this next one I will remove the leaves while its still wet.

Its a fun challenge trimming a 7 foot tall plant. :joy:

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That would be a challenge! Haha, I can’t wait for the day when I’m at that level with my grows :joy:

After reading for a couple days on this forum, I really wish I could have spent a lot more on the light to get an HLG, but for now, the Bestva is what I’m working with. I got one of the best rated blurple ones, I just hope it’s going to be enough for the grow.

Saving up for the 550 v2 Rspec though :grin: Hoping to have that for the next grow.

I just asked a couple of guys to come over in April for a trimming party - keep the hash of all of the scissors you use for payment. Well, that and pizza.


Now that’s the way to do it! :joy:

@Doobert Many have made that same mistake. I started with a single Viparspectra PAR600 and after I joined here I got a 2nd so $450 right there between the two.

I was recommended 2 HLG 260xl rspec with having a 4x4 tent. With taxes and what not they cost me a tad over $799.

You just can’t get buy with subpar lights. There is a huge difference.

Loose lips sink ships. I’ll have to come up with a plan where I don’t need to smoke. My bad case of asthma is preventing me from proper pain management. I haven’t smoked in almost 2 weeks. :pensive:

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I get it. It’s all family who have helped me put stuff together (e.g. hang the ventilation systems.) They are the only 2 that know of the grow.

I know plenty of other people who smoke. Not interested in sharing my fun with them, unfortunately. At least until the state legislature comes around.

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Yeah, I wish I would have done more research on the forums before I purchased the light. Luckily I’m only $220 in with the one light so far.

So just being honest with me, what kind of yield should I expect off autos if I run 4 under this light? It is a 2000W Bestva (Pulls 390W from the outlet)

I also have the 4x4 tent so maybe the 2 260xl Rspec would be better? They have the 550 v2 Rspec for $720 now, so that one has been what I’ve been saving up for. They say it covers 4.5 x 4.5 during flower.