First time grower. Under watered or overwatered?

Hello all! First time grower here and I’m using 70/30 cocoperlite with 25 percent worm castings per gallon. Dr earths 4-4-4 all purpose. I watered this morning and noticed my babies didn’t look as perky as usual. I’m assuming this is a sign of over watering?

Could be under watering or over watering :thinking: Your coco looks really dry. I’ve noticed also that my girls will start to get droopy a little while before lights out.

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The 1st 1/10 of an inch is dry below that is wet

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If this is all coco dont let it dry out at all. Ive noticed i went from doing 1 good water per day where i seen drips at bottom to doing it 2 times a day second time not til run off but man the growth rate is retarted quick. Keep coco wet not soaked but wet moist like.


Looks too dry, coco should never look dry or dusty on top. And you might be a bit heavy on the worm castings . . . I don’t think I’d add more than 10% or so. No clue about the nutrients you’re using.

You can’t over water coco. Just make sure the planter is not re absorbing the runoff.

How old seedling?

About a week and a half old

I would encourage watering a bit more slowly or using a mister to get and keep the top moist but all in all she looks fine. They dont need a lot of water at this point you just wanna keep the coco moist. You get a lot of movement at this age as they’re putting roots down. And the feed should work just fine. Make sure you’re adding cal mg. Welcome to the community!

Thank you! I’m keeping a close eye on her and will update when I get out of my surgery rotation! I did notice last night the plant on the right had a weird curve on two edges of the out side leaf. Not a curl up but as if it was reaching towards the light.

Could be that it needs more or less light or its dealing with some nutes its adjusting to (the worm castings) or shes just moving in general. All sorts of stuff happen early on. Post pics for assessment if you’re uncertain. Theres some serious grow masters here that’s got your back.

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Yeah agree high humidity and that container it’s a good size so would be drinking most of it quickly maybe water 1 a weak