First time grower uk

Wow wow wow wow I’m in ore amazing set up so basicly I need a frame about 3/4 foot hi with a criss cross and alow the tops of the plant to grow through

Witch would you suggest a first time grower to do sea of green or a scrog and I need to top these also witch I haven’t done do you think there to far gone to top

You’re too late in the game to do a Scrog or SOG since your plants are already in flower. You’ve gotten some good advice and feedback so far. I’d finish your plants naturally and do a lot of research on the Scrog/SOG for your next grow to see what will work better for you :v::bear:


Quality will do and thanks again on the advise dude.

ScroG would be more for a new grower,
SoG is efficient, but kinda a pain in the ass to deal with.!!

This is my first attempt of tieing what you think

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WHat you thing for my first time


Hi dude iv tryed to tie my plants any feed back would be great.


Looks like you did what you could. Nice job :+1:

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to be honest, i don’t even look at the orange or blurple pics,
the blurple is just a very drab pic with no detail just blurple,
HPS pics r very harsh and also blocks detail.

Right the story so far we’ll the kids were doing well A is doing very well lots of buds stacking up B on the other hand not so good. Basically the water wasn’t getting to the bottom and sitting on the top soil so a carefully burrowed some holes in the soil and there now picking up.
The PH is hi tho the soil reading is 4.4 and my feed is 4.3PH witch is 10L water 40% coca A&B so now the combined PH is 8.7 and I’m thinking does this need to be brought down to a combined 6/7PH

And hey are on a 12/12 light cycle

After an interesting day lol basicly my plants were not feeding properly down to my lack of knowledge but that’s to some great peeps @MattyBear @GreenCoat @Amjk and sorry if I missed anyone out.
So after a total flush with tap water till pH was plant A 5.7 plant B also and with great advice I no have a feed structure so now I adjust my pH a nutrition right as long as my run off is pH 5.8-6.2 I’m good and also getting my head Rd ppm witch should be 800 before feed and much lower after I’m getting 200-300 so I now no there taking up the feed again I can’t thank people on this sight enuph as I can’t believe they have survived this long :joy:


They are now 42 days old and as of yesterday are now being force flowerd 12-12 and looking good


@Watters I really didn’t do anything, @GreenCoat is the hero in this story :slight_smile: glad your back on track mate. Iv started a new journal.



Sweet as geeza they are deffo on the up tbf one was powering though and didn’t show any indecation it was ill but the other is so not good but there back on track.
And can you add/tag me to your new venture

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I sure will :slight_smile:

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Week two of flowering day 46 after leaving the lads over the weekend for a feed but gave them a good watering today yellow little spots and heat issues as I don’t have extraction on this grow so basically I’m going to finish the gown with nothing other than canna A&B no boost no Pk just a flush at the end of the grow there both looking ok under the sercomstances. But rest ashore I’ll have extraction and a full canna range for my next grow but I’m thinking if I can get an oz off each sweet as.

This was a pic before I watered them today they look a lot healthier now leaves not so curled

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Gave the lads 2L of the new feed today
Plant A before feed 1000/1100 ppm after was 500/600 ph5.5

Plant B was 1000 b4 feed after 200
PH 5.6

I will up the pH of the feed tomorrow.
.3 for both plant feed

Feed scedual
Mon feed, Tue leave weds feed and so on but might space it to every other day depending on soil quality.

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