First time grower uk

Hi guys long time smoker first time grower.
So iv started two seeds blue cheese and I have germinated in paper with great results.
I have planted the seeds in pots with professional coca compost.

Feb 5th
I now have the seedling under 400w for 19 hours on 5 off.

Feb 6th
Turned down the light to 200w and moved the light closer to seedling. Gave a little water in the morning.

Feb 7th
Noticed that one had broke though the soil the other not as yet. I have not given any water as soil is still damp.

Feb 8th
They have now both broke the soil. Gave both a small amount of water Hi temp 38
Low temp 12 PH 6.8.IMG-0519.

Feb 9th
Gave them a little water. They now have 4 leaves each and look like there stretching PH 6.5

Feb 10th
Gave them more water checked PH 7.5 and put I have also turned the watt upto 400w..

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You should get ur ph to 6.5. Also 34c is abit warm

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Ph in soil should be about 6.8. Do yourself a favor and go but some 4000k - 6500k cfls for your seedlings. They won’t stretch as much and will grow faster. That has build doesn’t have hardly any blue light in it. Hps red better for flower. CFL blue better for vegg

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Ment hps bulb. Sorry, auto correct

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Thanks for the advice and is appreciated I’m now on day 31

I’ll keep thatha in mind dude thanks this is were I’m at at the mo

This is were I am at the mo any advice would be mint I no I need a extraction fan and these are not autos

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they need some training to fill the space and flipped to 12/12 in 2-3 weeks.!

they really could use a 400w MH bulb for the next 3-5 weeks.!!!


@MattyBear what do you think a wile sins we last spoke this is were I am at the mo


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These are not autos my friend said it would need anther 2 month then 2/3month 12/12 I’m not shore myself as its my first time and would like some advice about training them pleas

@MattyBear will take care of you.

I might suggest poking some holes in the sides of your pots to allow for more air flow to the root zone. As stated above; some aggressive training would be appropriate to maximize your space and yields.

Any advice about training would be amazing or any video and I have holes all round the outsid and under the pots dude.

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start here…
there is also a free grow book here, find it and read it at least twice.!!

by the way,
the orange pics r not good, they hurt my old eyes,
post pics in normal ‘white’ light.!!

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Brilliant! Your plants are benefitting from that mod.

I’m a fan of the SCROG technique: SCReen Of Green. I couple that with a couple of techniques early on like supercropping and FIM’ing and topping as needed. There are a number of tutorials on the subject within the Guides here at ILGM.

ILGM’s The Marijuana Grow Bible by Robert Bergman,
it is at the bottom of the grow guides page.!

you-tube has some good videos, got a lot of junk vid’s too.! lol

i don’t do much trimming and/or training,
i grow miniature plants from clones…

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I have read up on sea of green and I’m interested as these are not autos and have meany months so I think ill look into it and mod the tent for a scrog

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SOG and SCROG are different techniques. SOG is great for a grower who has a Mother plant to puke out clones and keep a perpetual flower tent going. Great for smaller plants and lends itself to different hydroponic techniques too.

I’m doing a SCROG in RDWC and learning a few new things regarding using this media and particular training. Basically you will develop a style that works best for you.


That is a mint setup you have and a good idea for cloning lol

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I have read the bible and sorry for the yellow pic I’ll no for future reference :wink:

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Here’s a SCROG in my grow space. Actually 3 SCROGS.