First time grower , ugly plant



Thank you all for the support. I really couldn’t have gotten this far without this awsome community. :man_student: Im learning alot from you guys including patient :sweat_smile:


@Ifrit Well done bud!


Hi everyone ,

I would like to introduce betty survivalist clone , she is in her early veg. Im planting her in a soiless mix (coco) , maybe I can avoid and control the PH issues much better that her mother soil medium , will be starting a journal for her soon.

Quick update on betty, (27) days into flower.

Question Is it worth it to add beneficial bacteria (Real Growers Recharge) at this point ?

Thank you all for the support :v:


That is a great looking plant!!



Thank you :grin: , I never thought she will turn , suprised us all :joy:


Hello everyone ,

@Demar, @blackthumbbetty , @Grandaddy013 , @Sixpackdad , @PurpNGold74

Its been a while since my last post. I would like to say hello and let you guys know that my plant is doing good thanks to all the info the goods folks are posting here.

My flowering stage experience is a little strange, when I look at other posts and compare how big thier buds/plants, I wonder what I did wrong!! :sweat_smile:.

Please , I would really appreciate some input/short answers on my progress :pray: thank you.

1- Its been really difficult for me to look at the trichomes using 60x -120x lens and work out the ratios of 50% 70% clear / cloudy / amber …etc and track it on a weekly basis.

2- Plant is slowly progressing , I thought it might be a lack of nuts but increased she showed signs of nut burn , then I backed off.

3- Its Day (114) 54 into flower , coming close to the total average days of the flowering stage and I feel the buds are small.

In short im so confused on when to harvest :joy:


When you say 54 day of flower is that from when you went to 12/12?

Your plants look really nice. I just chopped mine after 11 weeks from 12/12.


Thanks for replaying @Sixpackdad,

54 days of flower from the night I switched to 12/12.

Its has been great watching her grow and flower so far and I really dont wanna miss out on anything :grin:

Thank you for referring me to your grow journal , :laughing: im on it


If you are still seeing mostly clear and cloudy I’d keep watching and give her maybe two more weeks


Yeah , I see mostly clear, little cloudy and a few amber here and there :sweat_smile: , will keep my eyes on her and see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you usually start flushing two weeks before or when you see they are ready for harvest ?


Personally I don’t flush I just go water only for the last week and a half or so.


Thanks for following up and for the support @Sixpackdad , ive been reading your journals , awsome work.

I’ll see how things turn on my plant. Mean while Im watching your clones , they are looking good :grin:


Yup she’s looking beautiful. Also u dont count flower from the flip. Giving a week or so to allow pistils to get startd its usually like 10-14 days after the flip. So ur more like day 40 of flower. Keep watching those trichs


Thanks for replying , and I appreciate the support.

Will be watching those trichomes daily :grin:


The first 2 weeks after the light flip are typically counted as transition weeks.

To check for ripeness, you want to look at your trichs.


Thank you @blackthumbbetty, I saw a similar picture but not even close to the quality of urs.

Much appreciated :v:


I wish I can change the title of this thread , :joy:.
Im glad I havent given up on this plant, she turned beautiful.

She is (129) Days from seed.
Flowering stage (69) days from 12/12.

Im noticing the overall upper part is losing color turning yellow , trichomes are 70% cloudy concentrated at the upper part , lower buds I still see clear trichomes and the smell is so pleasant.

I think she is coming close to the end , what a journey :sob: I might take her down in a week or so.

:star_struck: thank you all for the support


Congrats @Ifrit. Have you tried a sample yet?


Thank you for the support @Sixpackdad

No, i haven’t.

I havent smoked in a while, so Im timing couple days off work when she is cured for couple days :rofl: