First time grower , ugly plant


You need to give her water between feedings. Right now, salts are just building up like crazy & acidifying your root zone. She should be getting plain water at least once between each feeding.

If your medium doesn’t dry out enough to do that, you need to modify your input so that your medium dries out enough to water every 2-3 days. Or you need to transplant to something else.


@blackthumbbetty, I really cant thank you enough you’ve been a great help.

I will start doing pure ph water between feedings from now on and hopefully symptoms will disappear soon.

Changing the soil sound good but maybe for the next grow/clones. This type of soil is the only one available that is ideal for cannabis and I might give up soil all together after this and try to learn soiless coco mix , or DWC. They both need/have thier own set of challanges and experiences to live :sob:. Hopefully will find which one work for me in the future.

Thank you.


I do hydro and am clueless about soil, but you’re in good hands with @blackthumbbetty


@Grandaddy013 do you find your plants growing much bigger and maturing much slower than soilless growers report?


Keep us updated, @ifrit. Pretty please.


Yup Betty is definitely good hands to be in. My my my has she grown!


Plants do grow bigger, however I don’t think they take any longer to flower


I’m not sure what you mean by soilless. That’s what hydro is, I thought


Coco, Promix/peat, and hydro.


@blackthumbbetty Thanx for the clarification. I have researched those that are doing coco/peat (soilless) vs that that do DWC or other liquid only hydro. The plants seem to flower and mature much quicker in soilless than DWC especially with autos. Not sure why? Trying to understand.


Mature quicker, as in flower earlier & ripen faster? Or grow faster, in general?

I know early vegetative growth is fairly explosive in hydro & soilless, compared to soil. The plant’s growing cycle isn’t affected, though: autos will still bloom & ripen as their internal clocks tell them to.


With my DWC, I get massive growth and it seems even large than even coco/peat. Flowering with photo periods occurs similar but with coco/peat the plants mature through color changes to the buds and leaves, but with DWC I’m staying very green.

Gold Leaf 8 weeks 12/12; seems very slow to mature and packing on the bud weight that seems normal with coco/peat.

With autos I grow bushes before they finally flip to flower. Seems like coco/peat flip earlier. This Amneisia went 9 weeks before it flipped. Prior grow went 4 months and I finally gave up. They just didn’t want to bloom and we’re happy just getting bigger and bigger!


The original poster is having issues with soil. We should probably try to keep on topic so his issue doesn’t get lost in the fray. :grinning:


Sorry for the hijack.


I’m not one to talk, trust me. :grinning:


@blackthumbbetty , @PurpNGold74 hey guys ,

A quick update. Day (15) of flower , a little slow but things are progressing.

She had an incident during the early stretch ( a main branch opened up near the main stem due to aggressive LST) , kept it intact asap , she did the rest and closed it quickly :heart_eyes: i loved her for that :grin:.

Thank you all for your support , please if you have any personal advice during the early flowering stage let me know , I would really appreciate it.


She’s one along way hey :+1::+1:, nice working staying in the game


Awesome plant @Ifrit


Looking good


Your plant looks really healthy.