First time grower , ugly plant


Thanks alot for the effort and going back to my initial post.

It could be the neem oil since I only started to notice these spots after I started spraying but then I thought it is only a minor burn.

The new growth was sprayed once while being young I believe and it could be the spray mix amounts.

After flushing to get to the proper ph level I will look into making a baking soda spray and wipe the leaves and wait to see the effect.

Thanks alot @tanlover442 , your help is always appreciated.


@Ifrit…use ONLY a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of water.

I can ONLY tell you what is happening. It’s up to you to choose to something or not.


Not a problem. You are in good shape your tops are looking good and don’t fret about those bottom leaves you’re going to cut off. The plant actually uses energy to try to keep those sick looking leaves alive so it is better to get rid of a leaf that is looking bad from previous deficiencies. Just remember the smaller the pot the smaller the plant. It is good that you have a 5 gallon pot ready to transplant into because it she sure needs it most everybody here is very compassionate and want to help others grow an herbal medicine that has it’s medical benefits suppressed by big pharm and big control government. You are going to have to change that word ugly and your title to pretty soon.


@zparkie2 , I read somewhere about energy being pulled from bottom by the top new growth but only if the plants isn’t getting everything it needs from the medium.

My main concerns for now and for future grows is to set the soil to a proper ph (6.5). I flushed hard with (6.8 / 7.0) ph water but it appears the organic soil always brings it down to its level, so I decided to add small amount (2tbspn) of garden lime on top of her new 5 gallon pot , and now I’m waiting to see any effects.

It would amazing to get something out of her considering this is my first attempt at growing anything from seed to harvest and to be honest Im loving every day of it so far, especially with the support and help im getting from everyone here.


I need to make a correction from a top post. Your ppm was fine in the 1000 range. Your plant doesn’t look young or small. It appears to b in a pot a little small for its size. My plants in flower go upwards of 2000 ppm and still no nute burn. I think your ph is your problem along with being rootbound.

Good luck growing.


@zparkie2 , @tanlover442, @blackthumbbetty , @PurpNGold74 , @MAXHeadRoom , @anon95385719

Thank you all for helping me out with my plant , its been such a great experience so far. Just wanted to let you know she is doing great after 2 weeks in a 5 gallon fabric pot.

Only point is she is 47 days and a little small dont u think ?

Alot of the symptoms cleared out and here is how I think …

  • Increasing the nutrients

  • Leaves color was lime green instead of green
    Increasing CalMag to 4ml per gallon now i see her color coming back to normal.

  • Im still struggling with PH I bought a soil test by adding garden lime I brought the ph from 5.5 to 6.0 ph roughly. Im afraid to add more it taks time to dissolve.


Yea give it some time. Also very good work. The stunt isnt too bad. N nice training. Lil bush u got there


:grin: thank you :v:


@Ifrit…did you rinse the leaves to remove the neem oil ?

what country are you in?


@tanlover442 , UK

Yeah I’ve been doing it only couple days after her weekly neem shower :laughing: thou

Did not spray her with club soda yet , I only have baking powder and epsom salt :thinking:


good luck…club soda has co2. helps the plants.


Thank you , I’ll spray her soon and see how it affect her growth.



Quick update …

Day 55 now. I’ve trained her , cloned her and taken pictures with her isnt that enough ? :sweat_smile:

5 more days maybe ? I dont know :tired_face:

How can you tell if she is ready and mature enough ?


Gorgeous plant.

I think she is ready to go to flowering.


Thank you @Sixpackdad , I appreciate the support . .

Still having minor issues with her but overall she is looking pretty good :grin:. I’m still waiting for LED replacement , the one she is under emits a feint amount of light when turned off which from what I’ve read and understood is a big problem during transition and flowering.


@Sixpackdad , @tanlover442 , @PurpNGold74 , @zparkie2 , @blackthumbbetty , @Grandaddy013, @MAXHeadRoom

Thank you all for your support , I was really disappointed when I first titled this topic , but she turned to be a beauty in disguise :heart_eyes: after all.

I hope you dont mine being tagged I just wanted to thank everyone who contributed so far…

Here are a few pics of her today (Day 60) of veg.

She looks really happy under the new COB LED light. :grin:


Few minor issues that I sill could not solve completely but got under control.

Please if you have any suggestions or noticed something about her before switching to flower I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.


What is your in/out pH? Your feed schedule?

Looks like multiple deficiencies happening, which could be pH related or your plant could just be hungry.

Looking closer, the ones with the yellowing & brown between the viens are leaves from the bottom only? A lot of times, the bottom one or two sets of leaves will naturally die off. Not sure if this is what’s happening here, or not.

The rest of your plant is looking pretty good.


@blackthumbbetty ,

Ph going in at 6.7 ph , out at 6.0 ph

I’ve been trying to increase the ph levels by topping the soil with garden lime before every feeding but I havent being able to get it to the proper level yet.

Feeding schedule is what is really confusing to me. The soil doesn’t dry too quickly ( finger knuckle feels moist ) it does drains really well and retain moisture for a long time.

Nutrients (3-2-1) Flora series aggressive feeding (1/4) amount recommened at her stage.

I’ve been feeding her once a week untill i feel the soil has dried and her weight feels light aswell.


If your pH is off, you could feed her a bottle of nutes a day & she won’t get access to any of it.

Calcium gets locked out if the pH is too low. Feeding high amounts of salt based nutes can acidify your grow medium.

Are you watering between feeds?


No , I havent been watering between feed. I only feed her with Nutrients (3-2-1) Flora series aggressive feeding (1/4) amount recommened at her stage.

I was thinking about giving only water tomorrow