First time grower , ugly plant


@tanlover442, thanks for following up.

The pot and soil drains well I think. After watering it dosent take much time for the water to drain and the soil maitain a good amount of moisture while not being too wet.

Im using Flora Series Nutrients Pack. After flushing her I gave her a light feeding around 400ppm and waited for 6 days.

Now symptoms arent getting any better.

How can you tell if it is too much or too little ? Are there any signs ?

Thank you and i really appreciate the effort :v:


For now remove the bad leaves. They will never return to normal. This will give you a better sense on how bad the plant is getting or if it is stabilizing.


Thank you for the advice.

I will remove the dead ones and see if the plant stabilizes, but i dont think she will thou , the past day or two the symptoms caught on slowly to the upper leaves and im not sure if i can do anything to help slow it down untill i figure out what it is.



When in doubt, flush it out. I am not a soil grower but I think it has something to do with that mix you are using. If you are going to transplant soon, then I would go to a more popular soil like fox farms that people here have experience with. Then you will be able to get more/better help


My soil options are limited , this is the only potting mix available in my area and shipping something different would cost alot more than expected.

Being a new grower i dont have much of an experience to DIY a soil mix with all the goodies a cannabis plant needs.

@PurpNGold74, @raustin, @blackthumbbetty if you are available, can you please shed some light on the plant deficiency/symptoms and help me out with this. Thanks alot.


When you flushed, how much water did you use?


@blackthumbbetty, Around 2 gallons ir so of 6.7 ph water.

Dropped the excess nutrients to 380 ppm from 1300 ppm and raised the runoff ph from 5.8 to approximately 6.2 ph

Thank you.


That maybe the problem. What size pot u using? Its normally around 3 times the pot size to flush. So 3 gallon? 9 gallons of water. 5 gallon pot? 15 gallons of water.

Keep flushing her and get that pH up to 6.5. Then feed her lightly again. Around 4-500 ppm should be fine.


You can flush with so so so so much more water than that. You do what you gotta do to get that girl in range. :grinning:


You are pH’n her feed AFTER u add nutes right? They will drop a water’s pH QUICKLY


@PurpNGold74 @blackthumbbetty, thank you so much for the advice.

Before flushing I kept reading about drowning plants when flushing and I was afraid it would happen if I keep doing it. I really didnt know that I need that much water to clean her out and you are right it might be the problem. :smile:

I noticed the ph drops after adding nutrients so now i ph only after adding nutrients. :wink: thanks

I belive she is in a 1 gallon (8”) pot. So a 3 gallon water flush should be fine.

I will flush her tomorrow and finish with a lifht feeding.

Thanks alot you guys, much appreciated


Ahhh yes. Even in hydro you can drown a plant. But as long as it isnt a DAILY 5 gallon bath she will be fine. :+1:t5:


Are you going to transplant up? You could also do that. :grinning:


Thank you so much , i will post on her status in a week or so after flushing and see what happens, hopefully she will be ready for transplant to 5 gallon smart pot.


Should i do it before the flush or after her symptoms go down alittle ? Ive got the 5 gallon and soil ready and i was afraid to stress her out too much with the symptoms.



Do one or the other.


Will do , thank you so much for the support.

Ill post her status in a week or so after the flush hopefully she will get throught this safely.



The new growth on top doesn’t look bad, As soon as you can though, when you are sure she has dried up enough you need to get her in her forever home, The pot you have now the roots have out grown. I think that will help a lot, and as Maxheadroom said, remove all them big damaged leaves, she will love you for it.


@Ifrit…I went back and read your first post. I think I found your problem. I have done it several times myself. Just din put the clues together until reading first post again.
The neem oil spray every two days has clogged the pores of the leaves and they are suffocating.
Try wiping the leaves with wet paper towels…top n bottom…ever so gently. That will get most of it. Then you can spray some club soda on the leaves. It will give co to the leaves n help much.
It’s a quick affordable solution. Nothing to be lost at this point. Be sure to cut off the dead and dying leaves…they are long gone. Concentrate on the green ones


It does not look bad yes , but I think Im noticing the same early stage symptoms that happened to the lower leaves. Im planning on moving her to a 5 gallon smart pot tomorrow then start a flush to get the current soil plus the addional to the proper ph levels.

Thanks alot for your follow up and advice.