First time grower , ugly plant


First , I’m new at this and still learning , thanks to this community.

My start as a new grower wasnt the greatest but im still trying. This plant had some issues with bite marks on leaves after transplant. I’ve been spraying her with neem oil every 2-3 days and things are getting better , new growth is healthy and aggressive. However , I’m noticing different symptoms with this plant lately that im not sure about and i would appreciate some guidance on how to solve it and successfully get to the next phase:

  • Top Leaves shape is really weird ? Is it genetics ?
  • Leaves curling down and showing orange/brown spots after spraying, is it neem damage or fungus rust ?
  • Plant looks so ugly to me , i dont know why ?


  • Strain; sativa 50% & Indica 50% Type, Amnesia Haze (fem/auto) vision seeds.
  • Soil in pots (Espoma Organic Potting Mix)
  • PH of runoff : 5.9
  • strength of nutrient (0.5gallon : 0.5m micro/0.75m grow/0.25m bloom/1m calmg) ph: 5.8 (325ppm)
  • Indoor grow tent 2x2
  • Light system : CFL (3x 32w & 2x 23w)
  • Temps; Day (25c to 27c) Night (22c)
  • Humidity; Day&Night (50% to 60%)
  • AC 22c , Humidifier (in grow tent)
  • Co2; No

Pics :


ph way too low, try to get it up to 6.5 Make that correction and she’ll start looking pretty.


You are pHing at a level that is good for hydro and coco based systems. Your are in soil and the pH of the water and the water/nute solution should be at 6.5, such that your runoff is between 6.3 and 6.8 ideally. As @zparkie2 notes, this typically turns things around for most folks.

You notes that when you spray it causes a burn on the leaves? If you spray a plant under powerful lights, it is possible to do some minor burning. But given your pH, get to 6.5 and see what happens.

Be cautious of over-nuting as well.


Thanks for helping out with this. I thought it is ok to stay between 5.5 - 6.5. I will try to raise the ph from now on.


Thank you for your detail response.

Can you please advise on how to raise the ph at this stage ? I just fed her today! Should I just wait untill the soil dry and water her with higher ph or should I flush with higher ph and feed her again with new nutrients?


Just start watering with 6.5pH water. You could start on the upper end of the soil spectrum at 6.7-6.8, and then measure the runoff pH. Next time, if it’s closer, rather down a little. So on and so forth. I would hold off on nutrients for the time being.

Sounds like you have a digital TDS meter? Next time you measure the pH runoff, measure the ppms as well. It gives a good understanding of how much “stuff” is in your dirt. Also measure the ppms of the water you are pouring into it.

By the way, your plant looks good. Don’t fret too much. :slight_smile:


@Sixpackdad , thank you so much for helping me out. Your instructions were clear , much appreciated.

I started watering the top soil spectrum to push out the water in there with 6.8 ph water and got a runoff of 5.96 ph , I will keep doing this to get/maintain a proper ph.

Surprisingly tho ppm went in at 193 ppm and the runoff is 1,310 ppm. Higher than expected!

Would this be a problem for a plant in ealy veg ?

Again thank you for the advise and your complements.

Im gonna hold on the nutrients from now on, I believe the soil is ok for the next couple weeks.


The 1310 is ok, a little high maybe for a young plant, but ok. I would hold the nutes for now. Good luck.


Don’t feed nutes till the ppm run off goes below 700. The ppm you have now is way too high. A rule of thumb is you want the ppm lower at run off than what you put in, means the plant is eating. If you have 1310 coming out of that young plant, you have fed way too much and could be nutrient lock out. Me personally I would flush. Run some 6.5 pH thru and get run off going and measure ppm, suck water out and flush again, then check ppm. Get it down below 700. skip a week of feeding then resume at half strength for first feeding.
Here is a guide to go by:
Seedlings, Early Sprouts 100 to 250 PPM

Early Vegging 300 to 400

Full Vegetation 450 to 700

Early Blooming 750 to 950

Full Mature Blooms 1000 to 1600 As you can see you are way too high.

You want to measure PPM going in and out. If higher going out then back off the nutes. Just water with pH 6.5 till ppm’s go down. Flushing will get the ppm’s down.


@zparkie2 , thank you for following up on this.

Yesterday, I thought the ppm is way high for a plant in early-mid veg and it might be causing nutrients lockout. I did exactly what you’ve mentioned in your instructions and started a flush with pure 6.7 ph instead of 6.5 ph (soil ph was way low 5.89 ph) & 132 ppm water. Got the runoff ppm down to 658 ppm and the runoff ph to 6.00 ph.

As u’ve mentioned , I will hold on nutrients for the time been and will skip a week to let her use whats in the soil and then will feed at half strength nutrients next time as indicated on the hydroponic nutrients chart.

Will be updating on her status from now on.

Thank you so much for the advice. I feel much comfortable getting some feedback/instructions and learning from experienced fellow growers.



You are getting good advise.

IF your soil is prefertilized, it will cause you problems.
Best to have total control of the nutes.
Nothing has been indicates you have PH n PPM Meter set. Critical to have these. $20 online for the set.


@Ifrit do you have different lighting for bloom?


@tanlover442 , thank your for the support.

I dont know if the soil im using is prefertalized. Im using Espoma Organic Potting Mix and i dont think it contains any fertalizer. On the bag it mention to add espoma fertlizers when preparing the soil.

I do have a digital TDS & PH meter and im glad i got those before even starting.You are right they are very important.

Here are the soil ingredients. I still dont know how the ppm went that high but maybe I’ve put in too much during soil conditioning and watering.



@Grandaddy013 , I do have a 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum sitting in the box for late veg-flower.

Im planning on using it as soon i feel confident on LED lighting setup and on the plant status.

Thanks for your intreset in my setup.



When I first started, I built a CFL light with 4- 125w bulbs (huge) and 20- 23w bulbs, for a total of 960 total watts. I grew 5 beautiful plants, but only got about 5ounces of very airy buds. I didn’t want you to make the same mistake. I don’t know alot, but other people on here do. Is your led light pulling 600w at the wall? What brand?


@Grandaddy013, :smile: thank you for sharing your early experience.

This is my first grow as well and I havent given too much thoughts on yeild. My plan is to live the experience and challange to take a plant from seed and hopefully/safely to harvest.

The brand that I have is BESTVA Reflector Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower (Elite-600W). Didnt want to invest too much untill i get more experience.


That light is actually 256w. How it will do, I have no idea. Depends a lot on your space. @dbrn32 could answer that question. I have been wanting to try LEDs myself, just haven’t taken the plunge as of yet. Absolutely that is NOT the best light you can get, but as I said earlier, budget is a VERY big factor. You don’t HAVE TO have the best of everything. We do the best we can with what we have or can afford.


That’s about in line with what most start with.


@zparkie2, @Sixpackdad , @tanlover442 , @Grandaddy013. Thank you all for helping me out with this plant , she grew well after your advice but she is still struggling.

  • 9 days ago i flushed due to excess of nutrients (1300+) ppm,

  • Got it down to 380ppm and finished it with a light feeding of basic nuts and calmag.

  • Coudnlt get the ph higher than 6.2 while flushing and i didnt want to drown her.

She kept growing and the deficiency/symptoms gotten worst and started to spread from the bottom leaves going upward. New growth was ok last couple days untill i noticed the symptoms starting to catch on. Here are a few pics:

I havent done anything to fix it yet. Any ideas?

  • Is this Cal/Mag deficiency or overall nutrients lockout due to low ph level in the soil?

  • Should I continue feeding with nutes and calmag with high ph water and hope it will het better? Or should I top the soil with garden lime ?

After trying to figure out exactly what it is from reading Im a little confused to be honest any advice would be appreciated.


The label does not show any fertilizers. It does show Rhizome and other soil goodies.

Others will be able to answer your question. Basically, too much of something going on there.
Not sure if it’s too much water or nutes. Is it safe to assume your pots have really good drainage?