First time Grower! Tips and Support appreciated (:

This. But having extra calmag on deck in case of deficiency showing its face is always a good idea. I keep multiple kinds of each nutrient. Some more readily available then others. But all pretty effective.


I’m a soil guy myself. Coco seems like a bit more work than soil. Welcome to the community. Great folks here to help you out in this forum!

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Just a little update, unfortunately I cannot provide a photo since my phone carked it a few days ago.

Things are going well-ish? I have my second lot of leaves coming through, my little fat circle leaves are still green.

I increased the light intensity last night slightly and today i notice some slight yellowing on my main two top leaves.

Now I’m assuming this is because I might have turned the light a little too bright?

But im also wondering if its some nutrition deficiency, so I fed her for the second time today (9 days since sprout)

Now a few extra questions for the professionals on top of the main question above;

Should i be feeding her every water? & I’m assuming I should only be watering when she needs it? Aka when i lift my 5gal bag and feel its so light it needs a water?

I have also since removed my humidity dome since I dont want any mould growing.

I have been feeding @ 5.8, today was the first time i PH’d the runoff as well and thats 5.8 too, does this mean she isn’t taking the nutes? THANKS IN ADVANCE HOMIESS :heart_eyes:

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Shouldn’t be experiencing a nutrient deficiency because if the little cotyledons aren’t yellowing or dying, she has enough nutes.

Do the upper leaves happen to look a bit like this:


Jury is out on this one. It’s good to water coco every day so it doesn’t start leaching nutrients and also so it doesn’t dry out on you and become hydrophobic. That said, I actually water once every day or every two days, as my plants drink more/less.

Not necessarily. It means you’re keeping the “in” consistent at 5.8. The PPMs out would be a potential indicator that she wasn’t absorbing nutrients. Even then, not necessarily- sometimes high PPMs coming out mean that the expended nutrients are leaving - thus registering high on the tds meter.

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No no not near that bad, im talking very slight discoloration, its only when i shoved my face right next to it i saw the colour was a tinge yellow, im assuming this is due to the slight light increase then.

Thanks a lot for your help!!


If it looked like that but extremely mild, then yeah absolutely it was probably the beginnings of light burn. That’s a photo I took to have a good example of extreme light burn handy. :sweat_smile::joy:

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Soil grower here but I did experience coco for the first time with clones from a good friend recently. Didn’t realize it was coco until I asked! Started nutes but she lost some leaves😢. New growth is explosive and healthy when I up-potted them to larger soil containers.

You have a lot of great growers tagged in that can answer your questions!

Best wishes to you!


Yea its kinda tough to diagnose properly without a picture to pick apart. You say its on the first true leaves. Just the very tips?

Like this?


@ThreeStax her mine are

Some lower leaves discolored and one late sprouter, all in final pots of coco loco. Feeding 1/2 dose PartA pHed to 6.3