First Time Grower. Tell me what you wish you had known/done

So I’ve been looking into the bits and pieces needed to start a grow. I am in a medical State and the growing law’s are: 16 plants Total. 4 mature, 12 immature. I need to be extremely careful to stay within the letter of the law if I’m going to grow. (For extenuating circumstances) This is my first time ever even considering growing so my thumbs are far from green. I would like to get the most bang for my buck since I don’t have many bucks to spare. (That being said I would rather spend money for the right thing now rather than more money replacing it later) I am looking at getting a 3’x4’ 2 In 1 tent. Specifically this one:
Obviously I’d like to have a perpetual grow setup givin my restrictions and I’d like to use LEDs (less heat, power, noise, etc) That gives me a 3x3 main grow and 2 1’x3’ clone/ veg rooms. I figure I would use a SOG net as well. That being said what do you guys think? Give me any ideas/tips/tricks you may have. Thank you for everything you guy’s are awesome!

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My first advice is: don’t buy lights from Amazon or Ebay: if the light is purple don’t buy it either.

There are a few recognized names building good quality and here they are: Horticulture Lighting Group (number 1 IMO), CHILled Logic, California Lighting Concepts and Spyder Farmer.

Everything starts with the lighting.


The first thing that comes to mind is - don’t start too many at once. As a beginner, it would suck to start a bunch of plants, invest a couple of months into them and then have something go wrong.
For your first time around, I would recommend starting 2 plants, waiting a month and starting 2 more, and so on.
This also helps keep you from being overwhelmed at harvest time.

Edit: Just to applaud what @Myfriendis410 said - lighting is your most important subject.


Ha! That’s what I was afraid of. So looking at using one of these quality it would come out at around $300 for a 3x3 flower room. If that’s the case I’d have to ask how much does the clone/veg parts matter? I’ve of course been looking at Amazon, etc. I assume Vivosun, Viparspectra, Bloom Plus, Mars Hydro, etc are names I should avoid?

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If you want to get schooled on lights look at this thread:

It’s ongoing and long but there’s some gems of wisdom throughout. You can also look at HLG website (no links here I’m afraid) to see what their product line is like. You can save a bit by buying as a ‘kit’ and you assemble: very easy. It’s a one-time expense and magnifies the things you can do in the tent. I saw a $60 per month drop in my electric bill with high end lights.

Plants in veg don’t need anywhere near as much light intensity as in flower: in large part because the day/night cycle is shortened. Maintaining the proper Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) is key to growing good cannabis indoors.

If you are wanting to do a perpetual grow with a Mother plant providing clones for the larger space, you will need one for what a 4 X 4 and a 2 X 4 volume? HLG website will show you what they recommend.


Hey Jester, Welcome.
Tip of my hat to a great topic.
I too wish I knew more about lights at first.
I have that very tent and i like it.
I dont recommend trying to use it for veg and flower together. The Velcro seals between the two rooms are not really light tight. But it has plenty of space for two good sized or 4 compact autoflower plants.

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I did this while back

One of our staff members @MattyBear uses tent like that. Check his journals out.


if you are still in doubt use search tool and type in blurple. @NeoGroR has a hilarious page about all of us that bought the wrong light. that many people cant be wrong


Blurple Buyer’s Support Group



2, grow either photos or autos, never at same time. Its a pain in the ass.
3. Pots… fabric only, 5 or 7.5 gal. Will help prevent overwatering too.
4. Water! You using too much! (Trust me)
5. Should have done it sooner!!! Top notch dope below dirt weed prices.