First time grower, slow grow seedlings

Hey :slight_smile:
I’m new here, thanks for having me!

I love growing plants, but this is my first time with Cannabis plants. I started this as my “Confinement project”, to learn something new and enjoy watching the different growth stages of Cannabis plants.

I have a Jack Herrer, a NYC Diesel auto, and 4 Berry Bomb. The germination process was fine, I used the cup of water + damp paper towel in a ziplock. 100% Success (I was proud :smiley: )

But now the seeds are in their substrate and I was expecting my plants to grow faster (compared to the few examples I saw on videos or photos on my different readings). What am I doing wrong? What can I improve?

I wanted to have your opinion on this and any advice that can help me that would be great! Thanks a lot for your help!

Here is the situation :

Seedlings :
Jack Herrer and NYC popped out of the soil 7 days ago, and the 4 Berry Bomb 5 days.

Room :
They are all indoor in a spare room. I don’t have a grow tent. I have a humidifier and a fan in the room.Temp stays between 71 and 80.5F, humidity between 40 and 50% (Can’t really go higher than this with my setup).

Light :
I had them underneath my 125W Quantum board (3500K) 100% intensity at 18 inch the first days. Then, two days ago I added a CFL 6500K I had around.

Substrate :
They’re all in a coco coir/perlite mix, except the NYC Diesel auto, since I read that auto should not be stressed and put directly in the desired full sized pot. So it has its root ball in coco coir/perlite mix, but the pot is full of a soil mix that i made (50% FF Happy Frog, 10% Chicken manure, 20% Coco coir, 10% Perlite, 10% Vermiculite, some Blood meal, Bone meal, Mycorrhizae).

I have been misting the seedlings daily, watering with tap water (dechlorinated) just a bit every day. I watered once a lot with fishtank water + very small dosage of liquid sea weed and molasses (less than 1/8 recommended dosage). Then i started to think that I might be over-watering them, so I decided to hold off. This was two days ago, soil is almost dry by now (at least for the 5 in small cups).

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Welcome to the community ! I think your seedlings
look good.


What is your plan with lighting once they all get bigger? During the day you temps should be at 80°F throughout pretty much the whole grow. Cannabis transpiration rates are at their peak levels whenever ambient temperatures are in low 80s. I would also avoid misting the plants directly…especially whenever you get your bigger light over them, it can burn them. Overall they look great and your off to a great start. Welcome to ILGM!!


Thanks for your replies and your advices!
I will likely get rid off the 4 berry, I got them for free, just wanted to play with more plants for now. Friends are interested so I figure out I might get things started for them.

For the others, I wanted to have them outside, I have a balcony facing south west, so they should get a lot of sun. I might keep the NYC inside though.

The thing that got me worried is that some of them started showing their second set of true leaves about 3 days ago, but haven’t been growing since. Is it normal?


Slow seedling growth is normal. it is developing its root system first before you see a lot of foliage.


Your seedling will do most of their growing under the ground in their first week or two. During their second week you should start seeing faster growth, but that depends on the grower having the environment dialed in.


Hey :slight_smile: Some news on my seedlings!
They’re growing slowly, but they’re growing!

Some are showing a little bit of yellowing on the tips of the leaves. I’m not too concerned, but could it be nutrient burn? I stopped misting them, as I thought it might me just that. I have been watering them only when pots are really light.

Jack Herrer - Day 9 :

NYC auto - Day 9 :

Berry Bomb 1 - Day 7 :

Berry Bomb 2 - Day 7 :
Unfortunately, this one did not make it, I think It was too close to the light and the stem bent. I took it out and replanted it deeper, but it’s not looking good. :skull:

Berry Bomb 3 - Day 7 :

Berry Bomb 4 - Day 7 :

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