First time grower setup is finally ready to go

First time grower so I decided to start with autoflower. First grow I’m going to use critical 2.0 seeds because I got a couple free packs. So I’ll start there. As for my set up.
AC infinity 4x4 tent
Medic Grow fold-6 4x4 660w light
AC infinity cloud line T6 in-line fan
AC infinity 6” carbon filter
2- 6 inch clip on fans

2 of my pots are filled with fox farms cream of the crop 50/50 coco coir and perlite with 15% worm castings

2 of my pots are filled with fox farms cultivation nation 70/30 coco coir and perlite with 15% worm castings

I’ll be feeding this first batch with bergmans plant food. Open to suggestions for my next run. Also any opinions and recommendations for my setup. Or just tips for first time growers that want a good first batch. I’ve done a lot of reading but there seems to be so much to top shelf grows.

Apparently I’ll need to use a different light for the seedling stage. I already have an old T5 from my lizard so I can use that. But wouldn’t be big enough to cover my 4 - 5gallon liners. So should I grab another light in order to keep the seeds in their forever home? Or germinate and grow under the one T5 and then transplant.


Youll be fine with your light for seedlings just turn it down. You want your PPFD at 200 to 300 for seedlings.


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Can your light Dim?
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My recommend would be UT383-BT light meter.
Then you can set DLI as @ChittyChittyBangin says.


@ChittyChittyBangin @DEEPDIVERDAVE I can dim down to 40%. And even tho the manufacturer website has a chart including the seedling faze/height of light/ and power. They still recommend using a 18w strip led with more of a blue light. Just didn’t want to stunt the plant if it gives off too much red.


Is your light full spectrum ? If so you’re good to go.

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Yes it’s full spectrum. It can go down to 40%. I already ordered the meter I was recommended. So I should be good to go then. It says it’s a fully programmable spectrum. But for that I think I need to buy the controller for like 200 :face_exhaling:

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At 40% raise it up until you achieve your DLI


?? If you mean AC-I costs, get in line.
My bookie gladly lends me money for ACI and HLG equipment.
He knows I got plenty of body parts for sale, so Im good.


without the ACI controller, I could not leave my tents.
Wife was upset, me and the girls having fun.
Now, I can sit 20 feet away and be assured my tent are program parameter monitored for problems.
I get peace of mind or instant notification.
I am well experienced at the problems that will kill a growing indoor garden.
I sleep better and am allowed parole.
good growing to you and welcome to the community.


Sounds like a good setup. Everything I have from AC Infinity is top notch. You asked about suggestions going forward for nutes. I would bet my life savings the consensus recommendation will be Jack’s 321. Cheap, easy and excellent results.

For this grow I’d recommend you’d stick to the feed schedule, keep pH on point and use the Photone app to dial in your light. Keep the air flowing and the RH in the correct range and you should have a successful grow. Good luck and happy growing.


I have the AC controller but my light doesn’t connect to it. Unless I can find some kind of adapter. My light needs an RJ connection. And the controller is a C I believe.

What does your dimmer connection or dial look like?
Do you have an RJ-11/12 connector?
AC ADL8 Type B UIS Resistor dongle and Molex to UIS dongle compatible for light controL?
ASk AC-I customer service.
Ask others with your Medic Grow fold-6 4x4 660w light light.
Good growing.

WHAT Controller? my 67 uses Molex connector the 69P uses UIS.
Multiple dongles for connecting other equipment available, too.

Square black box in middle left of driver unit is the HLG installed RJ-11/12 connector.
Wired to internal driver circuitry. Requires AC ADL8 Type B UIS Resistor dongle and has second connection for more lights?
Forum poster person has other ideas for wiring connector.

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Your light?
What does the EXT connect to? where does the wiring go?
From the Manufacturers Sales verbage.
So if your controller is 69P the AC ADL8Type B dongle will connect your EXT connector, my guess…

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So the ext wire (which is the RJ connection) is supposed to go to the controller but my AC-I controller doesn’t have that port. And then there’s another ext port on the other side that is meant to daisy chain more lights

So I have the AC-I 69 controller. It only has UIS ports and they wonky sent the Molex to UIS adaptors. Where as my light has the RJ connection. So if I find an RJ to UIS dongle I should be able to hook my light to this controller ?

I dont understand. Controller, 69,

  1. Two or Four port?
    67 has 2 channels Molex
    69P has 4 channels UIS


  1. Molex connector (1" wide, 4 large female pin holes) or UIS connector (half inch small)?
  2. AC-I has Molex to UIS dongles (yes, I have two).
  3. LIGHT will need UIS-RJ11 RESISTOR dongle AC part number “ADL8-Type B, RESISTOR” MAYBE, most likely, as does my HLG.
    to replace manual potentiometer dimmer circuitry with electronically controlled (0-10 vdc NOT PULSED)
    Cant read some Chinese symbols from manufact data.
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You should be able to use the UIS plug in to hook up your light. It’s just like it sounds, UIS on one end and a plug in on the other. Switching from the dimmer to RJ connection is a fairly simple thing to do if you go that route instead.

Welcome to the journey of growing! I just finish the Critical Plus 2.0 and I used LST and defoliation and lollipopping, I got just over 8ozs so if you get 4 or more your first time you are doing good. Let the fun begin :wink::v:

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Yep! I got the dongle to plug in my light today. Weird tho. When I plugged the light into my AC-I controller and put the light on the lowest level . It was registering about 5 times the amount of Lux as when I had the light manually set to 40% (the lowest setting on the light) so looks like I’ll be using the manual knob adjustment instead of through the controller

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