First time grower, seeds on the way, amnesia haze, indoor grow, basement

So I’m planning my first grow I have plenty of space but it’s a basement space in Ohio and winter is coming. I have 5 seeds of amnesia haze ordered to arrive soon. I’m the building manager at my place and the building owner has a set up has bringing over in the next couple days, not sure what all he has. Looking for any advice i got get on maximum yield at low cost, planning on more grows after which each grow financing the equipment for grow quality. The main issue is ventilation for the scent since I live in the middle of town.

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Youll definitely need a carbon filter , exhaust fan & a way to vent the air & smell


Do you have any low cost recommendations? I also might add the police
station is across the street lol

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With a cop shop across the street a good quality carbon filter is not the place to be saving a dollar.


I concur! Tu huevos es mucho grande!


Pssh. They’ll probably be looking at each other trying to figure out which one of them is holding out on the :fire: lol.

Go with the thought that you’re so close that they’d never even expect you. And shell out the cash for a solid filter!


Is this grow in the basement going to have tents or open? @WolfePlans

I would like to add that being in a basement you will also need to scrub the air going into the tent (unless it is a finished basement) and the air will need to be heated or control on the intake as well as carbon filter for smell venting out.

Why would you need to filter the air going into the tent? Just curious @TBrezzy

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if yr bring air frm out side wid fan and dust then u need to do frm the small fly and other small anmials frm coming in to grow room
and also to refresh the air in the grow room also i got a air purifier in my room too fam @AmnesiaHaze

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Yes @AmnesiaHaze for dust mites and mold spores and another thing you need to consider is the temp in that cellar if it is to humid or cold that needs to be addresses before you can pump that into tent.

okay understandable @TBrezzy good info

Let’s just hope you don’t have those in your cellar already prior to starting up