First time grower, running into some issues

Hey guys, it’s my first time growing. For some background I’m running the build a soil 3.0 and light mix soil(50/50), fabric 5 gallon pots, Kind LED 200W. I started getting some random yellow leaves, almost overnight that get real ugly and pull off with 0 effort. I’m about a month into flowering with the northern light auto from ilgm, and I’ll attach some pics.


Check your ph


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Have u checked the ph in and runoff?
What nutes have u used?

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Some of the deficiencies you may get in flowering are iron def , potassium and phosphorus def and calcium and magnesium def now to me it looks like a magnesium def some cal/mag should fix the problem or u can use Epsom salt i will have a look on the internet to get a better confirmation of what type of def u have i will get back to you soon

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If it happened rite after you fed her nutes, you’ve probably got nutrient burn. If so, flush her and it will stop. Pull off the affected leaves.

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I used the Build A Soil fertilizer, the top dress amendment, and the build a bloom. The yellowing didn’t follow after feeding (everything except the build a bloom is slow release amendments anyway) and I’ve only done light amending since the BAS 3.0 is pre amended with everything from the fertilizer and top dress. When I first noticed it happening I corrected PH but it didn’t seem to fix the issue. Temperature and environment are in check as well.

I appreciate the thought! I am running living soil and organically, so I’d have to look into using cal-mag. As far as the epsom salt goes I believe the build a bloom has it in there! I did only recently give them a feed of that about 3 days ago so it might be a bit soon to tell if it’s helped.

Foliar spray calmag. The Earth Dust some of us use suggest a foliar if calmag issues. In flower so doing it at night not as cool. I would go with lights on to dry them fast.

I thought you weren’t supposed to foliar spray anything in flower?

Not recommended normally. Earth Dust is living soil. That is what they suggest. I follow their advice. This stuff is a boss.

Well if a calcium or magnesium was the issue and epsom salt helps, the build a bloom has horticultural epsom, and I applied it 3-4 days ago. So I guess it’s a waiting game to see if anything new yellows lol

When did you start your flower clock? They look a lot mature for 4 week flowers. May just be the pictures. Also, did you check your soil PH? And what were the NPK on your fertilizers? For instance 2-8-4.

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To me. It looks like you have a girl that is somewhere around 6 weeks flower. Normally you would start the clock the instance you see Pistils. . … it looks like she’s trying to exhaust all the nutrients and chlorophyll for her in preparation for her death/harvest. I could be way off though.

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Another indicator is she has pistils that are turning amber color. I would wait before you spray or add anything else. Maybe within the next day or so. Some others may chime in. But I see a girl building trichomes, and exhausting herself…… from my studies is that indicates a later flowering girl. And if she is that late into flower. You don’t want to add anymore nutrients at this point.

I agree give it a little while then see if u need to do anything else

I haven’t checked the Ph of the soil, just the water I put in (which has only been for the last few watering they didn’t have any problems until flower, so I didn’t adjust PH in the beginning). I started flower on March 1, so right around 5 weeks. The NPK of the craft blend fertilizer is 3-5-2, and the Build a bloom is 2-10-5.

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I would leave her alone at this point. Did you just add the nutrients? Also, do you have a magnifying loupe to check the trichomes on the buds. I think you’re about 2 weeks till you can harvest her, and if some of the veterans here would agree. I would be contemplating a dechlorinated un-PH’d flush in these next 10 days or so. Please keep us updated. The thing with autos. Is, she could’ve shown pistils for a week or so before you saw them. And a true indication of where she’s at. Would be to examine the trichomes inside the flower to see what stage they’re in. Clear/Cloudy/Mostly Cloudy with amber heads. . If you don’t have one. Get a 45X Magnifying Loupe from Amazon.

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Something like this

What was the date you got a sprout from the seed?

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