First time grower. Ready for harvest?

I don’t have a microscope thing to look at the tricomes. Can u tell me if she’s ready for harvest?


You need a scope to really tell. But I’d say still has a couple weeks by the looks though.

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That’s what I told my father in-law he says it’s ready but I think she’s still growing. How long would u say?

Is it possible without stressing the plant to take a bid of to sample it? Or would that be bad?

You probably could. I’d say a week or 2. Is she an auto or photo?

She’s diff not a auto cause she’s been growing a while. But idk.

How would I take a sample off and what do I do?

Just cut a branch off. Dry it out, cure a little, in my preference, and then try it out. But dry it slowly, in the dark.

Okay thank you. I should have marked this worst than beginners lol.

Your good. We all start somewhere and need to learn. I suggest ogoing on amazing and ordering the happy hydro jewlers loupe for like 12$ and use that. Clear thrichomes arent ready. Milky are a sativa like high and amber trichomes are indica like high. Figure out what kinda you like and pluck it then.

But since shes a photo, she isnt ready yet. Her pistils look like they’re still darkening and like they receded recently.

Okay thank I just have to convince my father in law not to touch it.


You can also use the erecting piece from an old toy telescope and a flashlight!

I’m picking up my jewelers loupe today so will look at the tricomes to see how they r looking and will keep u updated.

Are these cloudy to you?

@pptrsha1 lmao… topics already taken… Hmmmm great minds and all perhaps…

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So… how is it looking. Need help!

Couple ppl said 2 weeks, I’d agree from lil evidence. Throw up some pic of a cola and the plant in natural light how many weeks is it. I still see white like he said too. Definitely not tomorrow… LoL

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