First time grower, ready for harvest?

Hi everybody!

This is my first attempt at growing and i’m unsure if it’s time to harvest or not.
Some pistils have changed color and from what I’ve read should 50-70% be an indicator that it’s time to harvest. But I have also seen people saying at least 90% should have change color.
I would really appreciate if some of you experts could have a look at my photos and give me your opinion.

Here are some facts about the plant

  • White Widow - Feminized
  • Started 110 days ago
  • Indoor grow tent
  • Planted in soil

Regards Kontaktytan


Alot of people go by what your tricomes tell you. Do you do have jewelers loupe?



Thanks for the quick response.
No I don’t own a loupe, but it sounds like I should get one.
Do you have any recommendations regarding functionality and where to get one?

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Yes I do. One second

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LED Slide Out Pop Up Magnifying Glass 30X, 60X, 90X, with UV Light for Jewelers Loupe, Stamps, Coins, Gems

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I like this one because its flat so you can hold it against the back of your phone and line it up with your camera really easy.


Ahh that was my next question, how to make a picture with it.
Usually I don’t shop at Amazon because they seldom deliver to my country without a lot of huzzle.
I will try to find it locally.
How about magnification, do I need 90X?
The one you recommended has LED and UV, is this something I would need?

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No the UV light is not needed. I like to use 60x when looking at tricomes. For overall plant health and looking for bugs I like the 30x.

I have several magnifiers, and this one is my favorite to use with my phone.

Since you mentioned not using Amazon, I checked alibaba and there are plenty on there. I’m sure you can find them at other sources as well.

I like this one because I can just shove it right up against a bud and take a photo. I then upload it onto my computer and magnify it 4 or 5 times to get a nice close-up view.

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Thx, I will have a look at you recommendation.

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To answer your question directly let’s look at the flower pictures.


Notice all of the white pistils on this shot? See how lumpy the flower is? All good signs of a maturing flower. IMO you are not there yet. As long as the plant is throwing pistils it’s adding bulk. Keep your airflow high and humidity low. You may want to start running straight water through your soil to start flushing ahead of harvest.

What soil?


Good to hear that its going in the right direction.
Airflow should be OK, but the humidity probably not cause I have been trying to increase it.
The photo you are referring to was shot 2 days ago, and I actually started flushing 3 days ago.
Man you’re giving me renewed confidence, thx :smiley:

Im using Golden Label Special Mix


You’re doing a stellar job. That said; many harvests have been damaged or lost at this point to high humidity and bud rot. Plus, low RH will increase trichome production although may harm terpenes based on the nutes.

When your pistils are at 90% brown, that would be a good time to tighten up and get ready for harvest. Trichomes per the chart. If you have a loupe now’s the time. The conventional wisdom is 20% amber trichomes but be aware some plants just don’t go amber. Milky means mature. You just don’t want to miss out on bulking up.


Thanks for sharing what you’ve obviously mastered, i’m really grateful for the attention.
I just ordered a loupe (actually from Amazon) that should arrive on Wednesday next week.

Do you think you could have a look at the photos when the loupe has arrived?


I’m just dropping by to say welcome to ILGM, @Kontaktytan! You’re in good hands, and your buds look awesome! :v:


I’m happy to help. Just tag me with the @ sign ahead of my handle.

He did a nice job, didn’t he, Jeffe?


Hi again @Myfriendis410

Have tried out the newley purchased loupe, but i’m not sure about the outcome.
Here are some examples from the loupe:

And here are some examples from my camera:

Is it possible to read anything from these pictures?


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I’d say you are pretty close. I see clear, cloudy and amber. Might think about water only at this point.

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