First time grower, question with autos and ff trio

Just a pot riser from the grow store. I’ve seen them at Walmart’or any hardware store. That being said the ones I found at those stores weren’t quite as tall as this one I found at the grow shop.
Pull the trigger on the gorilla tent yet?

Cool…thanks for the info. I have to grab a few as I’ll soon have four pots in two tents.

Haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I just received an email early this morning from Vivosun saying they wouldn’t sell me just the cover. Plus, I’m completely zipper crazy reading reviews on tents…including Gorilla. No tent’s zippers are all that good it seems. I was on Gorilla’s site yesterday reading 3 star reviews that were less than stellar. Then I read similar reviews on Amazon on them. Missing parts, faulty stitching, bogus zippers, tears…ugh! Then I found that AC Infinity has a line of tents, but no one has them in stock. Been looking at Secret Jardin too…hard to find in stock as well. I’m basically confused at this point and was thinking of putting up a post asking the members here about their tent opinions and zipper experiences.

Lol tag me in the thread to! Ha! I’m going to be upgrading as well. Seems like I’m 1 step behind you through all this haha.
I actually got my fiancé a vivosun 3x4’ 2 in 1. I like it a lot actually. It’s a garden tent for her, but if she loses interest I’m going to use it over the summer in my garage. I’m letting her use the new light for now to. I figured I’d wait to start a new grow with the light so I can compare. Obviously it’s going to be better, but how much better?

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Thought I’d through in on tents. I can’t tell you what 2 brands I have, but they were cheap on Amazon. I, too, read the reviews, and steer away from low rated items. Zippers can be a pain. I haven’t lost one yet in 3 years, but it seems to be the inner zipper lining that protects for light seepage gets caught easily if you are not careful. I find it’s best to try to hold the door in place while zipping closed, rather than just hoping the zipper will do the work of raising and closing the tent door.

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