First time grower, question with autos and ff trio

I’m new to growing and have my first seed soaking in water now. It’s a GSCE auto from ILGM. The tent is all setup and waiting for the seed to pop. I’m growing in ffhp soil in a 5 gal soft pot that I gave a good initial watering to last night. Once the seed pops I’ll put it in the soil and give it a little extra water to start it off for the next week. (At least that is what I’ve gathered from the forums). Once I make to week 4 (fingers crossed) I’ll be giving it ff trio.
My question is, and I’m not trying to get ahead of myself here. I’m just trying to figure it out a little before I get to that point.
If I don’t feed nutrients until week 4, do I need to do a flush before hand like the schedule says?
Then going through the schedule 5-7 feedings, then flush at week 8, and continue 8-10 and flush.
Won’t autos be done theoretically by then? Do I just not add any nutrients after week 8?
Again, I’m not there yet and don’t even have a seed in the ground at the moment. This has just been confusing me lately. I’m sorry for the dumb question. I have a few others floating around in my head that are probably even worse haha!

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I wouldn’t start them off in a 5 gallon pot at first, maybe a solo cup or a smaller one at first till she develops roots, and then transplant .

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With autoflowers and Fox Farm soils I wouldn’t start feeding until you start seeing flowers, then start on first week of flower in the schedule. Autoflowers will typically start to flower around week 4 assuming they are healthy.

Once they start flowering the roughly 8 week countdown to harvest begins. In general, I plan around 3 months from seed to harvest with autoflowers.

You do not need to flush before starting your feed. If you stick with just the three products (big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom) you can probably get to week six of flower before flushing.


Then would you just feed ph’d water the last 2 weeks or until it’s ready after that flush?

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At week six of flower you should evaluate how far along they are based on the whiteness of the pistils. If a good number have turned burn have started retracting you will be close and can probably just use water. If they are mostly white pistils then you most likely have closer to 4 weeks left in which case you should feed the plants for a couple more weeks and reevaluate.


Man…I need to take a plant anatomy course, or at least get a plant picture to see what the heck you guys are talking about! :rofl:



Alot of us are on the tip of this iceberg :smile:

I think what you’ll find in the end is everyone does exactly that. They study the plant and the signs it makes throughout the growth cycle. There are highly regarded picture charts on line that helps you understand what you see as the plants grow, things to look for and what they mean. Check it out its helped me. I have my first grow GG Autos on week 1


We come here to grow weed, we stay for the botany lessons! :crazy_face:

GG Auto will be my next seed purchase…I’m leaning towards the Super Mix to get that and for the added variety. Once I started this journey, I quickly realize that buying 10 or more seeds of one variety isn’t the wisest choice if just growing for personal stash.


When I first began this journey in May, I felt as if I was back in school! Fun, though! :rofl:

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For real! As I read and drop further down the rabbit hole, I sometimes get overwhelmed, thinking this is too complicated. Then once I have a chance to think it through, I sift back through the info and see what resonates in me. I have to do this in steps and not think I have to take the deep dive from day one…I have to see what works for me based on my expectations. As I read I would put things on a list…or bookmark these items on Amazon and a bunch of other websites. If I bought it all, I could by a weekend convertible ride!

Good luck & happy growing!


I’m with you bud! I’m starting out simple and letting the plants do the talking. Lots of outstanding people will tell you the same. Start with a good foundation for them and let them live!! :seedling: :seedling:



I’m on my first auto grow, also using the FF trio.
I’m using Happy Frog soil.
I’m also using Liquid Karma, Sweet Raw and rain water.

I started the seeds in coco and when they popped I put them right into 5 gallon buckets.

I took advice from people on here and started feeding them between weeks 3-4.
I started with 1/4 Nutes and then went up to half the next feeding, and then just followed the full dose FF schedule after that.

I think it was successful, I haven’t had even a tiny bit of issues (knock on wood), feeding them twice a week.

I’m almost at week 8 and still have no flowers but the plants are a decent size.

FYI, I’m no pro and this is only my second grow. People on here are amazing though and will guide us in the right direction!


Your grow looks great!
Friday will be week 6 for me and I’m going to start adding the nutrients on that day.
Only thing I’ve added so far is calmag and some recharge.

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Thanks. Being honest I was expecting flowering weeks ago and thought that maybe something was wrong because I thought all autos flowered around week 4.

So you haven’t fed them any nutrients yet?
Could you post a pic? (Just curious what they look like at that stage with no nutes)

First 2 were from the other night, last 2 were from last night before I watered.


Looking good!

Wow, and you didn’t even use the FF stuff yet?
That’s pretty cool to know that.
What are you using for soil?

Fox farms happy frog soil

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I’m using Happy Frog too, Im a fan so far.

My first grow I didn’t know any better and was using miracle grow lol

WOW! Your plants look great bro! They sure rallied back and look very healthy. A question…where did you get the racks under the pots?

I’m one grow 1.5 and of the multitude of things I’ve noticed in a month and a half, the genealogy of the seeds varies quite a bit when grown in the exact environment. Your plants look great! My first two started to bud in 4 weeks and have been chugging along every since. In the beginning they took off like a rocket (WW Auto) and since they started to bud, have slowed down quite a bit. I don’t notice the big changes on a day-to-day basis. At the end of the day, patience is the best attribute to have. You’ve done an awesome job so far!

Stay the course…