First time grower problems

Any suggestions, I’m brand new to this but will love to learn

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Couple of suggestions.

Be careful to not overwater. This is the leading cause of seedling failures among new growers.

Be sure to transplant those into a bigger pot within 2 weeks. It’s best to use a soil that is buffered for cannabis such as a Fox Farm product, Black Magic, or Roots Organics. Avoid Miracle Grow products.

You’re going to need more lighting. You won’t be able to flower 3 plants with the lighting you have. You won’t want an LED with a purple hue like your current light. Look for a lighting built with Samsung LM301 series diodes.


Thanks for that info bro

I’ll visit my hydro store tomorrow, unfortunately they’re closed on Sundays where I’m located

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@MidwestGuy is right on the money about over watering. Major common mistake for new growers. Also great advice on lighting. Those are two top issues to get under control for success. I like using 3 gal fabric planters and using the wet/dry cycle watering method.

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I weighed my solo cup with my mix of dry soil, and it weighed 129 grams. I don’t water again until it weighs about 160 grams or so, so what they’re saying is important about over watering. These seedlings are 3 and 7 days old for comparison. The bigger one is an auto, and the other a pheno. And for the first couple times I very gently water with a syringe and hose so I don’t disturb the stem or roots. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much, it truly does help. This is my first time so I knew mistakes on my behalf would happen. It’s definitely a learning experience but I’m having fun learning and figuring things out. Looking at yours, mines seem pretty small and this is day 15 above ground…:thinking:

Solo cup farms just started another 12

Oh and my wife’s Cantaloupe and Cucumber and Spaghettis squash are solo cup farm raised also

Day 20 it is an awesome process watching it all come together

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